Advantages Of Migrating Off A Homegrown System
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7 Benefits Of Migrating From Homegrown Online Learning

More often than not, organizations outgrow homegrown technology very quickly. As the size of the organization increases, the number of people requiring access to particular tools or technology grows and internal developers can't keep up. As a result, a lot of organizations are starting to turn to SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) offerings or online learning technology providers with technological and development support services.

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Choosing a SaaS provider for online learning technology can help your organization in many areas, but here are 7 primary ways going the SaaS route can help your online learning operation thrive:

1. Stay Cutting Edge And Innovative

To stay ahead of the curve, SaaS organizations continuously innovate -- something your organization might not have the time or resources to do internally with a homegrown system. Look for a SaaS provider committed to innovation and ask about their innovation pipeline.

2. Stay Focused On Learning, Not Technology

Start spending more time understanding your learners and how they are doing by taking advantage of robust course authoring, reporting, and engagement tools built by your SaaS provider. When your organization doesn't need to worry about the technology, you can spend more time focusing on Instructional Design and the success of your learners.

3. Easily Scale To Other Parts Of The Business

Depending on the type of business you run, chances are there are additional groups of learners to engage (i.e., customers, partners, resellers, etc.). Give those learners the attention they deserve by expanding past internal education.

4. Eliminate Internal System Maintenance

It's the SaaS provider's job to keep the platform sound, secure, and functional.

5. Free Up Internal Resources

Let your developers or IT resources focus on real operational problems, not building and maintaining an online learning environment.

6. Resolve Issues Faster

Internal issues can often take awhile to resolve, whereas vendors are often required to solve a problem within a specific timeframe. This allows your organization to provide the best learning experience possible.

7. Save Money In The Long Run

Sure, SaaS technology comes with annual costs, but the long-term cost savings are worth it. Not having to staff, build, fix, and maintain an internal system eventually pays off.

For businesses investing in online learning as a source of revenue, SaaS is becoming a popular solution. Over time, SaaS technology for online learning can keep costs down and increase ROI. Also, as mentioned above, SaaS can help ease any technical or support woes and help your organization gain competitive advantage.

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