Mobile Apps In The Education Industry: A Productive Approach

Mobile Apps In The Education Industry: A Productive Approach
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Summary: This article is for the education institute owners and student who are not aware of the mobile apps in the education industry and its uses.

A Productive Approach To Mobile Apps In The Education Industry

Since the dawn of mobile apps, technology has affected a lot of industries positively. Healthcare, retail, manufacturing, sports, education, you name it; and there are mobile applications for every industry. From eLearning to mLearning, technology has totally revolutionized the education industry.

There are lots of new approaches and technologies that have come into existence to reduce students' as well as teachers' burden. Today’s students can learn their subjects or any lecture online on devices like iPad, mobile or laptops. They can save their important notes online, submit their assignments.

How The Education Industry Is Affected By Mobile Apps

In the classroom and outside the classroom, apps are providing higher efficiency and fun in learning or teaching. They are providing an ample amount of benefits to both students and educational institutions.

Here are some of the advantages of mLearning in schools:

1. Unlimited Learning

The most important benefit of learning with a mobile application is that you can have access to unlimited sources and knowledge. Information is not only limited to books.

2. Less Learning Cost

There are lots of courses which you can learn without joining any coaching center or learning institute. Hence, you can learn lots of things without paying any tuition fees.

3. Better Engagement Of Students

The majority of students claimed that they benefited from the mobile application for the education industry. Textbook learning nowadays has become history, and students like to learn from the media and audio-video platforms. It lets students understand the concept at a faster speed.

Nowadays, technologies like AR and VR are growing at a rapid speed. And the education industry has leveraged its mobile applications. The impact of mLearning is so significant that many educational institutes and schools have already begun to hire mobile application development companies.

4. Better Interaction Between Students And Teachers

Not only students but also teachers are getting enormous benefits from mobile applications, hence there are lots of mobile applications being developed for teachers' use and which can help them track their students' performance, their grading history, and their attendance in a digital way.

Some online mobile applications allow teachers to update assignments online and from there, students can easily access their assignment and submit it as well there.

Additionally, students can know the upcoming exam schedule and upcoming events without any hassle.

5. Mobile Apps For Different Users

The school mobile app works differently for the different users such as a teacher, students, school principles and the administrative department.

The requirement is unique for different users. For example, the admin department doesn’t want to know about the homework of 9th -grade students or students has nothing to to do with library management.

Hence, it is necessary to develop an app according to users need.

The principal should be able to check the work report of all the teachers. In addition, the principal can check the syllabus covered in any subject of any class through mobile apps.

While the need for the teachers’ app would be entirely different, teachers can update their assignment, send homework anytime on the application so that students can get it directly from the mobile app.

The students will need to know about the latest updates about schools, exam dates, and upcoming events.

What Types Of Mobile Apps For School Is Trending

There are different kinds of mobile apps are available in the application stores such as:

  • Online tuition apps
  • Online school fee payment apps
  • Attendance management apps
  • Managing workbook & worksheet apps
  • Storytelling for kids apps
  • ERP software for colleges and colleges
  • School pee payment apps
  • Quiz and puzzle with answers apps

Features You Must Include In Mobile Apps

You must consider these basic features in the mobile school application if you want your app to provide all the functionality:

  • Student/parents login
  • Employee/teacher login
  • News management
  • ID card generation
  • Customization dashboards
  • Online examination & assignment
  • Fees management & online payment
  • Parent-teacher collaboration
  • Student attendance
  • Calendar and diary
  • Worksheet and report card
  • Push notification for events


Based on the above-mentioned advantages of mobile apps for education, it is clear why educational mobile apps are becoming this much popular among educational institutes and schools.

If you are one of those searching for school mobile app solutions for your school, then you can contact a mobile app development company to guide you and help you built a mobile app according to your requirements.