Myths And Realities Surrounding Online Learning

Myths and Realities Surrounding Online Learning
Summary: Online learning is surrounded by numerous myths that sometimes prevented a number of students from enrolling for online education or E-learning. Below are discussed some of these myths that have been busted by the realities, over the years.

6 Myths About Online Learning

  • Myth 1
    It was thought that only tech savvy or technologically advanced students could take up online learning. But, it is not true at all. Students need to have a basic knowledge of the computer to be able to enrol for online education. Those who have a difficulty in attending school, have work commitments, responsibilities or have physical disabilities also can take up this form of learning.
  • Myth 2
    Online learners work in complete isolation is another myth that has been already busted. In fact they have access to a highly personalized learning as they are able to have one-on-one interactions with teachers and fellow students through the internet. They can join clubs, groups and take part in online activities.
  • Myth 3
    Just because the learning is personalized and students need not attend brick and mortar classrooms it is considered to be easier than the traditional form of learning. However, this is not true. The rigour and difficulty level varies from course to course. Students must keep in mind that they have to take part in the online classes and projects and submit their assignments according to the deadline. Online learning is flexible but not easy.
  • Myth 4
    Interaction with the teachers and other students is through the internet and across a large class therefore the myth that surrounds online learning is that Students don’t receive as much attention from the teachers. The fact is that online universities try to provide as much support as possible to online learners through emails, videos, chat rooms, discussion boards and forums.
  • Myth 5
    Many believe that online education compels the students to spend all day on the computer. But, this myth is busted if the If the learners adjust their study schedule. They will then not have to sit on the computer all day long.
  • Myth 6
    The sixth myth that surrounds online education is that the credits are not accepted by other institutions and employers. This is absolutely untrue because credits from online universities that are accredited from an authentic institution are accepted as well as valued by other educational institutions.

Reality Of Online Learning: Beneficial For Students And Teachers

The immense popularity of online education has enabled it to spread across the globe and impact the lives of many. There is millions of online students worldwide enrolling for online courses. This could be called as the reality of online education. It is an environment that online students can easily adapt can grow in. It is cost effective and flexible, thereby allowing online students who cannot afford traditional universities or those who are unable to complete their education due to various factors, to achieve their educational goals.  online students who have been unable to study in the traditional environment or those with physical disabilities can also complete their education easily.

One of the myths that surround online education is that technology is more important than teaching. This cannot be true because it is due to the effective assistance of the online teachers that students are able to complete their education effectively. They help them overcome any obstacles that they might face during their online course study. Teachers are the most important part of learning whether it is online or traditional. Online education provides the following opportunities:

  • Since the learning is in the digital form online students can reach out to capable and excellent teachers from around the globe.
  • Teachers can extend their reach to any online students irrespective of their position on their globe.
  • They can share their created  content easily

The benefitting realities of online learning have over the years busted all the myths associated with it. It has proven to be one of the most desired form of learning that enables the online students'  build a successful future. It provides opportunities not only for the online students but also the teachers to extend their reach worldwide. It gives them a new perspective and expands their views. Source: