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What To Check Before An Online Course Purchase
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Summary: If you are planning to purchase an online course, then you must go through this article and make a good decision for your learning.

What Makes You Enroll In An Online Course

As the internet is becoming available here and there, people love to learn online. This gives an opportunity to create an EdTech industry. The turnover of the online course selling industry is much higher than that of many other sectors in India. So, we love to purchase courses online.

But What Is The Decision-Making Factor?

If you want to purchase an online course, there may be many questions that are running in your mind. You will surf the internet and find the best suitable course for you, but most of the time we purchase a course that is not meant for us.

We usually purchase a course only by checking:

  • The content of the course
    Checking the content of the course is important but we rarely point out the special things.
  • The price
    This is the pushing factor. Is it only the price or the quality of the course, too? Most of the time people rely on the price, not on the quality.
  • Reviews
    Do you ever read all the reviews for the author of a course? If yes, then you are doing good. But what about those who rarely read the content?
  • The online advertisement for the course
    People advertise on social media to sell their course, and most people are influenced by social media. But do you think that only watching an advertisement is a good decision?

But checking only these parameters is not enough. We need to check the following parameters too before purchasing a course.

What You Must Check Before Purchasing An Online Course

So, if you are searching online for online courses and you find plenty of them, then you must be confused and might not know which one is best for you. After reading this article, this will be much easier for you.

As the creator of an online course on YouTube marketing, I applied all these and got huge sales. This course really helps many people become successful YouTubers, and I am sharing now what to look for in an online course. So, I am declaring all these to you:

  1. Content and delivery of the course
    Many content creators provide only the highlight of the course and the main points that were most important are left for upselling. So, check the whole content and delivery wisely.
  2. Compare the course with others 
    Never purchase a course at first instant. Go through other creators as well and go for the best one. You can either check on the same website or search on Google. You will found plenty of courses at the same level.
  3. Social check of the author
    As online course selling is easy, any user can become a creator. You must check the social media of the author and check the authority and engagement on all social media sites.
  4. Reviews outside the website 
    Don't rely only on the reviews that you see on the course selling website. You can also check it on Google. There are many other websites where people post complaints and reviews about authors. On the course selling website, many things are in the hands of the author. They can manage the reviews and post fake reviews that cannot be useful to you.
  5. Purchase only relevant courses
    Don't get trapped by cheaper courses. Purchase only those courses which will add some value to your life and because of which you are going to achieve something.
  6. Language of the course
    The language of the course must be easy to understand. You must watch the preview and purchase only when it is most appropriate. As I am an Indian, once I purchased a course in English. English is not tough for me but the accent was really tough and all the money invested in the purchasing was, of course, totally wasted.
  7. Duration of the course
    Mostly, long-duration courses are not comfortable and you must look at the duration and go for the duration that you can digest.

So, above are the main factors you must check before purchasing a course, and of course, price is a super important factor. So, measure all the course parameters and enjoy learning.