Top 15 Features Of Online Exam Software To Check Before Buying

Features Of Online Exam Software
Summary: Considering the current scenario, where frequent lockdowns and social distancing are the new normal, educational institutions have moved toward an automated path of digital classrooms and lectures. Similar methods are applied when it comes to conducting exams.

Features Of Online Exam Software

An online exam is totally different from that of a webinar or lecture. It often gets hectic for institutions to manage the entire schedule while ensuring that the conducted examinations are absolutely cheat-proof. Online exam software can be a great choice to get the particulars streamlined.

There are a variety of options available in the market, a few things should be taken into consideration before saying yes to one:

  • The platform should provide optimum data privacy
  • Must come equipped with cheat-proof surveillance methods
  • Optimum connectivity
  • Redundant and immediate backups in case of technical errors

15 Features To Look Out For

Paid and free online exam software is ideal for managing online examination processes. Whether it's aptitude tests, university exams or recruitment exams, free online exam software helps manage all processes linked to conducting all types of online exams.

We have curated a detailed list containing 15 essential features one needs to check before buying online exam software.

1. Automation Of Planning And Scheduling

Online exam software should be capable enough to deal with the messy planning phase. It should be able to collect information from students via its online portal and set up a schedule, process student applications, generate automated admit cards, allot exams according to the subject, and mark attendance on responses.

2. Assessment Pattern Creation

Assessment pattern creation is more of a technical term used for setting up subject-wise question papers. Online exam software should be able to process various question types, based on marks, and categorize them according to parameters set by individual institutes.

3. Question Bank Management

During the preparatory phases for exams,  the software should provide question banks, suggestion papers, and reference links or PDFs on various subjects. The question banks should be interactive in nature with proper multimedia support and text editors. The mode of presentation should be appealing, enough to draw the attention of individual students.

4. Configuration Of Questions

The software must be capable enough to help teachers set up multiple question patterns for any subject of their choice. Thus, including questions like multiple-choice, open-ended, quizzes, and more.

5. Assessment Of Integrated Rubrics

Rubrics are effective and efficient tools for assessing student performance. Rubrics ensure knowledge is imparted better than conventional methods. Rubrics also promote feedback and mutual interaction between a student and teacher.

6. Easy Approval

Online exam software must feature an automated assessment tool, making it easy for users to get the generated questions approved and corrected in a simultaneous manner.

7. Multi-Language Support

Say yes to the one which supports multiple languages, making it easy for you and your students to get through the process of online examinations in a hassle-free manner.

8. Custom Test-Taking Options

This process helps educators customize test-taking methods that are suitable for individual students. Thus, helping institutes make exams more interactive and unique in their own way.

9. Instant Notifications

The software should be able to provide instant notification of exams, assessments, classes, timing, and projects to students and parents, with great precision and without leaking personal information.

10. LMS Integration

Active integrations with an LMS allow users to incorporate learning content, like notes and video files into assessments. Thus, helping students gain knowledge at their own pace. Admins within the EC (exam committee) can make appropriate customizations, facilitating real-time changes.

11. Configurable Roles And Permissions

Online exam software should be able to provide proper access and set up verified roles, ensuring that individual admins and allotted teachers have full control. This way institutions can monitor the accessibility levels of individual tests and get the results published in an unbiased way.

12. Online Proctoring

Look for online exam software that provides proper methods of surveillance over individual students. It must be able to detect misconduct showcased by individual students and send timely notifications to the controller.

13. Transcript Generation

Online exam software should be able to provide transcripts via automated calculations. Each transcript should be expertly managed by the software, including student information, marks obtained, course details of the academic period, etc. Transcripts should be available in different formats to promote instant publication.

14. Reports And Dashboard

It should have the ability to produce different kinds of real-time reports for institutions. The method of representation plays a key factor, as it is seen that multimedia presentations turn out to be more appealing to individual users. So, online exam software that provides multimedia-based dashboard reports has a greater advantage over its counterparts.

15. Automated Evaluation

While going through papers submitted by individual students, teachers might be biased at times. Always look out for software involving various security stages, evaluator handling processes, and click-by-click audit mechanisms.

Final Words

Online exam software is the future of academic assessments, providing various improvements over conventional methods with their automated systems and robust processing skills. Exam Countdown, Eklavya, and Quizlet are a few known platforms that are already helping out various institutes by catering to their exclusive needs and demands. The upcoming days will ensure greater developments and hassle-free operative experiences. Till then, these described methods will help you find the best portal available on the market right now.