Opigno: New Open Source eLearning Platform Based On Drupal

Opigno: New Open Source eLearning Platform Based On Drupal
Summary: Connect-i introduces a new open source e-learning platform based on Drupal, called Opigno. Opigno addresses both professionals and individuals wishing to have a quality and optimized LMS.

Opigno: New Open Source eLearning Platform Based On Drupal

The objective is to propose an e-learning solution accessible for everybody. Emphasis was placed on the simplicity of use. Opigno already contains a wide range of features, from the possibility to manage profiles, access levels, quota for classes or courses, calendars, to the automatic delivery of diplomas or certificates for successful students, etc...Each course offers many tools such as lessons, quizzes, forums, messaging, video gallery, calendar, video conference, allowing users to learn and teach in the best possible conditions. Opigno offers a powerful editor for content management, in particular to create course materials, and a wide range of quizzes.Courses can also be grouped into classes to provide training paths, very easily manageable. It also offers the opportunity to sell online access to courses, permanently renewable periods of time, using the well-known Drupal Commerce module. Finally, particular emphasis was placed on scalability, allowing everyone to easily extend and customize the platform to fit his own needs, thanks to its exclusive additional applications management system.

Drupal: A perfect Choice For Opigno LMS

Connect-i is an active member of the Drupal Association, and has extensive experience with this CMS. Connect-i also benefits from many years of experience in e-learning projects on behalf of various clients.Based on the needs and expectations expressed by these customers for their e-learning solution, the requirements for Opigno have been established and can be summarized by the following specification:

  • be scalable to face the challenges of a dynamic and changing environment
  • be secure and easy to update
  • to allow further development of customized functionalities, properly integrated with the core solution in a modular way
  • be open to allow each client to be free and independent
  • Finally, and most importantly, to be able to be easily integrated with other enterprise systems (intranet, LDAP server, CAS server, CRM, website, online sales platform, etc ...).

Based on these requirements, Drupal naturally appeared as the most appropriate choice. Used by an extremely large community all around the world, and increasingly adopted within companies, Drupal offers both a high level of security, and a platform that can be used as a framework for optimal scalability. The large number of Drupal modules is also an important asset for the addition of new features or integration with other systems. Opigno is delivered as a Drupal distribution (download Opigno) making it possible to have an operational e -learning platform very quickly and easily, just by following the automated installation process.

Open Source, and ready for business use.

Being based on Drupal, Opigno is governed by the GPLv2 license.This has absolutely nothing incompatible with its use in corporate environments, where Opigno would even be ideally suited.Indeed, prior to its release, Opigno has passed thought extensive testing (including unit test protocols) to ensure its reliability and stability. It is also supported by the company Connect-i, which ensures total quality control over the development, as well as full compatibility of each of the available add-ons with Opigno’s core.Connect-i also offers professional support for Opigno, available both as occasional troubleshooting, as support contracts, or as development of additional custom features. This is likely to provide the highest confidence for people ambitioning to use their Opigno platform under optimal conditions and without service interruption. For more information please visit our website Opigno