8 Reasons Why All The SMEs And Universities Would Love To Savor Qafie LMS

8 Reasons Why All The SMEs And Universities Would Love To Savor Qafie LMS
Summary: Qafie LMS – a modestly designed Learning Management System has oodles of accessories enhancing its usability. Highly scalable, multilingual, effective pricing, commendable user performance, and many more to its bucket list; making it one of the most sought after LMS tools for Subject Matters Experts (SMEs) and Universities.

Why All The SMEs And Universities Would Love To Savor Qafie LMS?

Technology always comes up with solutions that promises to make lives easier and much more organized, where you might be intertwined with a lot of responsibilities. Today let us talk about one such technical invention that has made management and imparting knowledge beautifully coordinate with each other - that is the Learning Management System. The market has many bubbling Learning Management System providers where 'Qafie' is one among them. Before we start with the 'why' of QafieLMS, let us understand 'what' is the QafieLMS. Qafie LMS is a scalable and modestly designed Learning Management System that plays a great role in imparting training as well as managing the chunks of students and employee's database with much ease and tranquility.

We believe that it is the ingredients and the quantity in which they are added that helps in bringing out the true flavors of the dish. Let us find out what are the important ingredients that manifest Qafie Learning Management System's authenticity.

8 Features That Highlight The Credibility Of Qafie LMS

1. No English! No Worries!

'English' – a language that has been attributed to being the official language in almost all the parts of the world sometimes proves to be a hindrance for all those who are unaware of the language. The good news with Qafie LMS is that it could be understood in a language that one is comfortable in. Be it Hindi, Gujarati, Swahili, Arabic, Spanish or French, you can access the Learning Management System in your desired language. Just punch in the language that you would wish to operate the Learning Management System in. And Lo! Behold! You have the LMS in your mother tongue.

2. Open To Adjustments

The Qafie LMS has been made to stand on the open source platform so that any developer could make the necessary adjustments as per their needs and requirements. Whether it is change or an addition to the syllabus or the training module – go ahead and have a word with any of your open source developers to make the necessary changes. Being Customizable is what Qafie believes in.

3. No Barrier To Your Accessibility

This Learning Management System gets to being accessed by any device and at any place and at any time. Sounds interesting, isn't it? Now, you would have a question whether would it be accessed while you are sitting on a tree, admiring nature and solidarity? Well, surprisingly the answer to this is an emphatic 'YES'. All you need to have is a device on which it could be accessed and not to forget the internet. It has mastered the art of adjusting itself to the device on which it is being operated, widening its acceptance.

4. The Perfect Combination Of Being 'Affable' Yet 'Stringent'

The Learning Management System is quite friendly in nature. Easy to understand, gets quite well with all types of devices. Does not make any fuss when the device that the Learning Management System is being accessed changes as per the need and requirement as it is designed to respond to the changing environment. The students and the employees could very well benefit from this friendly nature of the Learning Management System. Apart from this, it helps in keeping a strict watch over all its users – be it the amount of training/modules that they are completing or how it is affecting their performance or how much time they are taking to complete the module - all these are backed by reports. These reports perfectly attribute the way in which this Learning Management System is helping the students and the employees.

5. Won't Cost You An Arm And A Leg

The Learning Management System won't burn a hole in your pockets as it has been designed and presented, keeping in mind the financial as well as usability features in mind. The Learning Management System works on SAAS model that plays a great role in the costing factor of this Learning Management System. The Learning Management System was designed keeping in mind all the sections of the society, with an aim to make learning and training as affluent as possible where the cost should never be a hindrance.

6. Bringing Everyone On The Same Page

Gone are the days where the management would have to coordinate time, place and attendance of the employees or the students to train them or give them knowledge. With Qafie LMS you could very well bring all the users on the same level of performance and accountability, without any place or time barrier.

7. Gets You Socialized

Qafie LMS allows the user to share and connect with other online users, in case you feel left out. The discussion forum opens door to opinions, doubt solving sessions, exchange of thoughts and ideas, floating one's achievements, and much more that indirectly boosts the self-esteem of the user. Moreover, one could also be entitled to communicate through internal messages, if you do not want the entire population's help.

8. No Compromise With Standards

Qafie LMS has generously packed the Management System with IMS and SCORM based compliance to ensure its data security as well as quality. Moreover, the Tin Can API and LTI makes the learning process even more standard and relevant to what the students are craving for.

Final Note

Kudos to the Qafie LMS who have managed to rake in the benefits of all the technical advances that proves to be a boon for the present generation. The entire Qafie team almost kept their nose to the grindstone to make learning, training, and management quite smooth for the people at large. These are the prominent features that will surely prove to be a blessing for all the SMEs and Universities.

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Considering the Asian sub-continent & African region in mind, Qafie has come up with a low cost multilingual LMS & Student Management System that works on open source technology, suitable for small schools to universities & SME to big corporates.