Restaurant Employee Training: Why Restaurant Employees Prefer eLearning When It’s Done Right

Why Restaurant Employees Prefer eLearning When It’s Done Right
Summary: Ask an employee about their favorite part of starting a new job, and rarely will anyone say that they love training. That opinion can quickly change with the right restaurant eLearning system. With a good Learning Management System for your restaurant employee training, this can turn into a blessing.

Restaurant Employee Training: Why Restaurant Employees Opt For eLearning Instead Of Traditional Training Methods

What’s wrong with traditional training methods? Whether you have a standardized employee training manual or certain protocols for demonstrations, no method can work for everyone. Outdated training methods can fail to meet the needs of employees. Some of the common problems with traditional training include the stress that employees feel during their first few days on the job, critical details that can be missed all too easily, and the inability of staff members to improve outside the restaurant. All these problems with the old ways of training can be resolved with online learning.

Online Restaurant Employee Training Vs. Traditional Training

As many of your new hires can tell you, starting a new job is an exciting yet stressful time. Walking into a new restaurant is daunting especially when you don’t know the culture, lingo, or structure. Customer interactions where a new hire must constantly go back to senior staff for help are uncomfortable. An online LMS (Learning Management System) can easily solve this. New hires can walk in confidently to their new workplace after going through online training, which offers a variety of learning methods and ways, to check their knowledge. Questions they have about the job can be answered and researched beforehand. No more running to grab a manager when they don’t know something!

It can feel like there are a million small details that employees can only learn over time and with experience, but a formalized education method for your staff will help ensure that training covers every topic they need to know. This is key for manager training, as they will have to know much more nitty-gritty than your average line worker or server. For some people, simply being handed a training guide is far from enough to help them learn, while others will be at a loss without something in front of them to study. Using a modern eLearning system allows you to include everything from videos, pictures, text and more. Everyone can learn in the way that suits them best. With comprehensive tests at the end of the training, there can be no doubt that every detail is covered ensuring the best results for your employees and restaurant.

Using An LMS For Restaurant Employee Training

When someone wants to get good at something, they study and practice it. So why are we limiting our employees by only enabling them to grow at a physical workplace? A traditional training manual cannot be cross-referenced or quickly updated while googling tips for a position online is going to find things that are generalized and not as helpful. That is where your custom online restaurant employee training system comes in. Using a modern LMS, employers can create online courses to ensure that employees get an education that is relevant and helpful. Management can also add tests for certifications or other industry standards, equipping employees to advance their careers even further.

Nowadays, some Learning Management Systems have implemented Artificial Intelligence to help employees grow within the company. For example, if an employee's goal is to become the Vice President of Operations at a quick service restaurant, then AI tools will recommend a learning path to achieve his or her goal. Similarly, if you are falling behind in your achievement the system will identify your motivation and push you what you like most. If your passion is to become a great cook but you tempt to rank higher in other positions due to better pay, then the system will recommend a path on which you may grow in a career that you are most passionate about and become financially happy. No longer is training something new hires dread; it can be a thing that all employees appreciate and value.

No training system is perfect, but it is obvious that online employee training vastly outpaces other methods. Online training does things that normal training cannot, like making learning accessible and relevant, giving the employee visibility to see how they can grow, and providing easy access to tests and certifications. Where can you see online training helping your business? Let us know in the comments!

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