Top 5 School Mobile Apps To Facilitate Teacher-Parent-Student Engagement
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5 School Mobile Apps Teachers, Parents And Students Should Have

One of the basic, as well as the most important requirement of any school, is a reliable, compatible, and secure communication channel. In this day and age, a school mobile app has become a necessity for all schools and educational institutions so that they get in contact with their faculties and parents and inform them about updates. Communication, which plays a key role in the efficient management of any organization, must be speedy, straightforward, and transparent. An app based on user understanding which also covers the complete academic lifecycle of any given student is a must for every educational institution.

With a wide variety of school apps available in the market, it's difficult to find out the best one which suits your needs, is maintenance-free and profitable. Below  the top 5 teacher-parent communication apps are listed, and which have been trusted by schools and parents alike:

1. Teno App

It facilitates smooth and instant communication for active parent involvement. Attendance can be marked via this app and can be uploaded online for parents and administration to see. No need for any kind of worksheets as homework can be allotted and parents can be updated for the same. Automated correction and results can be obtained which makes it a great aid for teachers. Also, there is a provision of an online diary which can keep records of students and other information as well. Marks can also be shared with parents. Furthermore, online fees can be paid via Teno App which makes it the best in the market.

2. Atcovation

Atcovation stands for attendance, communication, and innovation. Available on both mobile and desktop it is a user-friendly school management app catering to all the needs of the school, teachers and parents alike. It's easy to use and supports the latest features. There are multiple options for marking attendance which makes the monotonous task a quick and simple job. Teachers can assign homework to the students, even pictures and videos can be shared with the parents. It also promotes teacher-parent engagement through the effective and speedy conveyance of important updates and news like a sports event or parent-teacher meets. Parents can also apply for their child’s leave via Atcovation. The best feature of this school app for teachers is the analytics dashboard which provides information in a graphical representation for better and speedy analysis. Student’s progress can effortlessly be tracked anytime, anywhere.

3. School Plus App

Student profiles can be created which contain all the details about the students such as photo, address, class, contact number, and teacher-parent details. Daily attendance can be marked by teachers and the same as viewed by parents. It saves time by providing templates for easy and quick content creation. It is available on both mobile and desktop, making it compliant and user-friendly. Class timetables, fee details, test and examination results can all be displayed or viewed on this app. Parents can regularly be notified and updated about their child’s scholastic activities. Also, event registration is another feature of this app which lets the school authorities to share information regarding important dates.

4. Hello Parent

Hello Parent app has taken promotion one step further and fosters brand building. Apart from timetables and attendance, it facilitates online fee payment which has become a need of the hour in today’s date. Automated fee reminders can be sent to parents so that they don’t miss the deadline. SMSs, as well as emails, are integrated with this app and automatic notifications are sent to parents who have not signed in, this ensures that no is left out.

5. Myly App

Timetable can be published on this app. Fees management can be done since it provides online fee payment options. MCQ based questions can very easily be created by the teachers on the go, and the students can be made to take the test online. This can give a fair idea of the students' performance in some simple and time-saving steps. Exams can be scheduled, and results can be published on this app. Online report cards can also be published. All these features make it the fifth best app for schools and parents.

In addition to all such provisions, these apps offer data security for safe transmission of information. Also, the substantial amount of confidential data stored on them is made secure and privacy is maintained by giving role-based access, for instance, teachers can log in only via teacher login portal. Similarly, parents and administration have their respective logins. In case of any type of emergency, the schools can instantly inform parents. In such a way, a school app can prove immensely beneficial, and every school or institution aiming to be successful should implement the same.