Student Tracking Using Biometric & RFID Integration - Fedena Plugin

Student Tracking Using Biometric & RFID Integration - Fedena Plugin
Summary: Fedena provides a powerful API to configure the attendance with external devices. If you are planning to integrate a biometric attendance system or RFID student tracking system with Fedena, good news, the Biometric/RFID integration plugin of Fedena is now ready for use. Read this blog post to understand how the integration works.

Components required to integrate the Biometric/RFID integration plugin of Fedena


  • Biometric/RFID hardware
  • Power for Biometric/RFID hardware
  • A local PC with internet connection to act as a server to process Biometric/RFID data
  • Cable connecting the local PC and Biometric/RFID hardware


  • Windows OS in local PC
  • Biometric/RFID software you got from the hardware manufacturer to be installed in local PC
  • Hardware integration app of Fedena to be installed in local PC
  • Fedena installed in cloud or other server of your choice

Things to know about the Biometric/RFID integration plugin of Fedena

  • You have to purchase the RFID / Biometric hardware with supporting software from the local provider. Fedena does not supply any hardware. Fedena support will not help with your hardware issues.
  • Make clear the support & service terms with the hardware provider. Make sure they can provide on-site support in case of hardware issues.
  • Show the hardware provider this article to make sure their software can support the integration explained here.

How the integration of the Biometric/RFID integration plugin of Fedena works?

  • Each user (students/teachers) in your institution will get a unique hardware ID from the RFID/Biometric device.
  • You can enter this unique ID in the hardware ID field of student/teacher profile in Fedena.
  • Install simple software provided by Fedena in the local PC where the RFID/Biometric device is connected.
  • Done. This software will communicate with Fedena through internet using Fedena's attendance API.

Step by step instructions

  1. Step 1
    Get the Fedena installation ready. Undergo Fedena training. Enter student and teacher data in Fedena.
  2. Step 2
    Get the RFID/Biometric device installed and connected to local PC. Make sure the software that came along with the hardware is installed in local PC.
  3. Step 3
    Install the hardware integration app provided by Fedena in the same local PC where RFID/Biometric device is connected and the software is running.
  4. Step 4
    Enroll the students/teachers in the RFID/Biometric device as per the instructions received from hardware provider. RFID/Biometric device will assign a unique ID to each user.
  5. Step 5
    Store the unique ID of students and teachers in Fedena in the hardware ID field as given below.

If you are interested to enable the RFID / Biometric integration of Fedena, feel free to contact us.