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March 11, 2021

The Rise Of Remote Learning In 2021

One silver lining of the COVID-19 pandemic was the increase in remote learning opportunities, which allowed students of all ages and professionals to continue their education in a safe manner. Taking a look at the many benefits of remote learning, there's no doubt it's here to stay.
by Victoria Zambito
September 24, 2019

Top 20 eLearning Statistics For 2019 You Need To Know [Infographic]

Sometimes it's hard to get all the relevant information from credible and authoritative sources concerning eLearning. In this article, I will highlight the top eLearning statistics and facts for 2019 that every eLearning professional should know. Whether you work in education or on a corporate level, these eLearning statistics will give you the insight you need to get prepared for 2020!
by Christopher Pappas
April 13, 2013

Harvard Researchers: Frequent Tests Increase Retention In Online Learning

It's easy to get distracted--especially when you're in the midst of an online training course that shows no signs of ending. While most of us can agree on the utility of web-delivered training, we must also face the reality that even the most well-intentioned of learners, when left to their own devices, can be distracted by a sudden beep on their tablet or a buzz of their smartphone.
by Andrew Winner