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5 Tips To Make Learning Games Effective

5 Tips To Make Learning Games Effective

The worth of games in learning has been explored in education and corporate training. In learning games motivation and engagement are not the main goal. Yes, they definitely help the learners get engaged but the ultimate goal is the mastery of knowledge and skills which are important in the workplace. The ultimate goal is the outcome of the gaming experience - the transfer of knowledge or skills gained onto the job. The article illustrates 5 Tips of ensuring that the goal is successfully achieved and that players LEARN.


9 Techniques For Online Educators To Gamify Their Digital Classrooms

Involve and motivate your students into the process of online learning with the help of gamification. Check what gamification is, and what gamification techniques you can use as online educator to make your digital classroom more interesting for your online students. Check the following 9 techniques that will help you gamify your digital classroom.

Can Serious Games Spice Up Product Knowledge Training?

Product knowledge training has traditionally been difficult because of the large amounts of information learners must simply remember. Using serious games for learning and sound instructional design principles can vastly improve the amount of information adult learners can commit to long-term memory.

The Secret to Effective e-Learning Games

The Secret to Effective eLearning Games

Serious games do more than just offer a few badges for finishing a quiz here and there. An effective serious game creates a learning environment where learning objectives are translated into important behaviors, where the context is meaningful to the learner and decisions are consequential.

Games Or Gamification?

As educators and trainers, what can we learn from the success of video games, and how can we use some of those lessons to make better learning experiences for our learners? With real project examples, Tim Buff looks at some of the key points of games and gamification in learning.

4 Mistakes That Ruin A Serious Game’s Learning Value

If serious games are not carefully mapped to the key elements needed for learning. Instructional designers new to game design must take the time to learn about common game elements and how they link to learning. The result? Serious games that avoid the common mistakes detailed in this article!

What I Learned from the University of Wisconsin–Madison: Video Games and Learning MOOC story

Video Games and Learning: MOOC Story

I just finished a great class titled “Video Games and Learning”. K. Squire and C. Steinkuehler from the University of Wisconsin–Madison taught the 6 week course via www.coursera.org to ~40,000 students including me. The class focused on Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) video games.