eLearning Revolution

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May 5, 2015

Tools Of The eLearning Revolution: Adobe Voice

Bridges can be built between the eLearning Community and Guerilla eLearning Content Generators using tools that we already have in our toolboxes. This article explores one such a tool, Adobe Voice. Interestingly, this article also explains what Adobe Voice and Rice Krispie Treats have in common…
by Beth Wisch
April 23, 2015

Are We Living In An eLearning Revolution?

eLearning has gone through drastic changes since its conception. The past 10 years have seen eLearning’s implementation in academia and corporate America, now the seed has been planted for eLearning to spread into every aspect of learning. This article explores how guerilla eLearning content generators can be armed with sound eLearning knowledge to hasten eLearning’s inevitable world domination.
by Beth Wisch