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April 15, 2017

Can Sports eLearning Produce More Roger Federers?

While we are still riding on the wake of Roger Federer's recent Miami Open triumph, perhaps we can ponder upon the reasons that made this tennis old horse winning 3 out of 4 tournaments in this year alone and how anyone with the same passion and grit could become as great as him.
by Melvin Wong
November 12, 2016

How Online Sports Training Created A World Champion

Have you ever wanted to succeed in a sport but didn’t think it was possible because you lack the time, budget, or couldn’t find a coach nearby. Here’s an inspiring story that may change your mind, where online sports training with YouTube made a world champion.
by Melvin Wong
February 23, 2014

Can e-Learning Be Useful For Sports?

There is a clear paradigm shift in education through the growth of eLearning. More schools and industries are pushing learning through the online medium. Is Sports the next player to follow? Check the following article to find out the Top 4 Reasons Why e-Learning is Important for Sports.
by Marko Jelavic