Technology In The eLearning Space: 4 Evolving eLearning Trends

Technology In The eLearning Space: 4 Evolving eLearning Trends
Summary: In the 21st century, information is available everywhere; constantly evolving and adapting to the changes in this digital-driven world. With the introduction of technology into all aspects of life, including learning, the best way to access the most current information is eLearning. eLearning is the easiest way to communicate information, old and new, to large groups of people. Here are 4 of the most popular eLearning trends for this year.

4 Evolving eLearning Trends For 2016 

Mobility and connectivity, Big Data, gamification, and video-based training are just 4 of the most popular eLearning trends for 2016. Let us take an analytical look at each one of them:

  1. Mobility and connectivity.
    With the fast-paced nature of everything in the world, as well as the increasingly connected nature of people and activities, it has become important for eLearning to adapt. Mobile devices like smartphones and tablets are affordable and easy to access. With the increase in app development, many online courses providers are choosing to provide their learners with direct access to content. There are even apps that makes it easy for students to manage things better way. This article talks about 10 apps that makes life easier for students. This also leads to increased connectivity, particularly through the cloud computing space – making the world a learner’s study space.
  2. Big Data.
    Big Data is one of the new terms being used in the digital space. When used in relation with eLearning, it is a very large data set generated by learners. This data is collected when learners engage with the content on a variety of media, and this data helps yield greater ROI for those that are investing in eLearning, as well as those providing eLearning products. Analyzing trends reveals to potential users the scope of the field they are considering, and also assists providers in judging the viability of certain content.
  3. Gamification.
    Gamification is one of the most fun and interesting eLearning trends. It helps bring a relaxing and fun atmosphere to the aspect of online training and learning. In a way, it provides a virtual world for a learner to immerse themselves into, increasing engagement and retention of information.
  4. Video-based training.
    The world today is a very visual one. People have always loved watching videos, with an estimate of around 5 hours a day spent every day by an adult – just watching videos. eLearning providers have picked up on this trend of video being such a great part of their learners’ days, and have begun integrating video with online learning. The main reason for its popularity is its ability to engage, while accommodating varying learning styles.

These were 4 important eLearning trends to have in mind. As economies around the world are shifting from production-based to service-based, there is a premium on intellect. Lifelong learning is of utmost importance, and is not just a catchphrase being casually used. When business success depends on high-quality employee performance, there is an increased need for high-quality training, and the most efficient way to achieve this is through eLearning.