Companies are often told that they would benefit from putting their health and safety training, induction procedures, competency management, and skills training online. But it’s tricky to visualize what an interactive alternative to a paper- or PowerPoint-based system would – or should – look like.That’s why our digital media agency PAULEY has put together a short, online, and free of charge CPD course – The real benefits of online, interactive e-training – which guides anyone interested in creating online e-learning for their business through the key techniques involved. Based on the knowledge we have gained in creating such tools for a variety of clients, this new offering has been officially accredited by the CPS Standards Office. The chapters look into creating Staff & Visitor Induction, Site Safety Procedures, 3D Modelling & Simulations, and Competency Management.

How can Interactive e-Learning help?

Our clients have all shared similar problems. They wanted to well-equip their staff for their roles, but often lacked the ability to so do efficiently within tight time constraints. But a well-produced online and interactive e-learning tool allows companies to:

  • offer 24/7 training
  • improve engagement and knowledge retention
  • record and save test results, flagging up any problems
  • tailor and keep track of an individual staff member’s training, including automated refreshers and reminders
  • reduce or remove the need for a trainer – saving time and money
  • easily update and edit training tools
  • build brand identity

The CPD guides the user through advice on formats and content, as well as real-life suggestions of how to deliver an excellent experience. In fact, the CPD itself is a working example of how to maximize the use of static text, images, videos, and interactive applications. Consider it an example of best-practice for a great media experience.

Top 5 Tips To Create Interactive e-Learning

Here are five of our top tips, as featured in the CPD course:

  1. Using images, videos and interactive media such as quizzes will help staff remember the most important aspects of your e-learning program.
  2. Equipping your e-learning tool to automatically create printable passes and certificates makes induction processes clearer and more streamlined.
  3. Featuring the ability to edit individual aspects of the program and notify users means that you’ll be able to keep up-to-date at all times.
  4. Featuring real-time feedback offers employers to respond to training data directly, before problems appear.
  5. 3D animations can be used to clearly communicate inaccessible site buildings, maps, products and services in a memorable way.

Gamifying learning is where it’s at. Making activities entertaining makes them, in turn, more memorable, and a well-executed online training program will increase staff adherence – hopefully make your work environment a happier, safer and more productive place to be!We can help!And if there’s anything users aren’t sure about as they work through the CPD, there’s always a link to email PAULEY with queries or questions. We’ll be in touch as soon as we can.