5 Best Tips To Help You Succeed In Online Learning

5 Best Tips To Help You Succeed In Online Learning
Summary: This article discusses 5 best tips on how to complete and stay ahead in an online class.

How To Succeed When Learning Online

Online learning refers to the delivery of education and training via the internet. Recently, online learning has become a crucial part of our education because it allows you to learn anywhere and at any time, as well as reduce the cost of training at an exponential rate.

Companies and institutions are seeing the benefits of online learning and are switching to it as a method to upskill staff. For instance, IBM reportedly saved $200 million dollars by switching from traditional learning to eLearning, which accounted for around 30% of their previous budget.

The surge in MOOCs (Multiple Online Open Courses) and different online course platforms has made it possible to enroll in different online course programs seamlessly. However, these improvements come with their own challenges. Online studies come with a different kind of dedication most students cannot keep at. Studies show that over 40% of students do not complete their online courses. This shows that many students lose concentration before the end of the course.

Here are 5 tips to help you complete your online learning:

1. Create A Workspace

Having a clear mind and a clear workspace allows you to think and act with purpose.

To begin with, you need to create a workspace that is free of clutter and comfortable. Usually, your space should be able to accommodate a desk and chair conveniently. Also, it should not be close to your bed or anywhere you relax often. If you can only work in your room, try not to work on your bed. Your typical workspace should include:

  • Desk/table
  • Laptop/PC
  • Headphone
  • Notebook and pencil
  • Internet connection

A clear desk will ensure that you can concentrate better and thereby become more productive.

2. Give Yourself Rewards

Always create a habit of setting goals for yourself, although most online courses come with goals that you can use to track your progress. Whenever you attain a goal, remember to reward yourself. Whether that is a small goal or completing your tasks for the week. For example, if you set a goal to take notes on the recent lecture, once this is done give yourself a reward—it might be checking your social media or the latest sports updates…whatever works for you.

3. Actively Study 

The best way to make something out of an online class is to treat it as a traditional class. Make your class time hallow, and avoid any type of distraction, as well as participate in class discussions, take active notes during online learning sessions, submit your assignments on time, review your own materials, and make use of other resources that are made available to keep you engaged. The more active you can make your learning journey, the more likely you will be at retaining knowledge and completing the class.

4. Take Regular Breaks

The habit of taking regular breaks will save you from burn-out. It is easy to get caught up in your work and be “in the zone,” but regular breaks to stretch and walk away from the computer are important. Regular breaks will help prevent loss of concentration, eye fatigue, and poor knowledge-retention, among other consequences.

5. Engage With Discussion Boards

Online learning doesn’t mean being on your own. Use course resources. A discussion board is one way to share ideas and learning that keeps you in touch with people. Try to make sure your contributions to discussion boards are as comprehensive and clear as possible so that it is easy for others to understand and respond to your points, and in turn, this supports your learning.

Benefits Of Online Learning


One of the numerous benefits of online learning is flexibility, and you do not need to depend on proximity to the organization or school offering the course. Of course, this will ensure you can complete your course work while still accommodating work and other responsibilities. In addition, it affords the student the opportunity to earn a degree and certificates in a wide range of courses.


Online courses are cheaper compared to the traditional form of learning. Students can save money by avoiding many fees that are associated with a typical campus, such as laboratory fees, hostel fees, feeding, and more. After paying the online course fee to unlock access to the course, you don’t have to worry about any other miscellaneous fees, except for some programs where you need to pay for the verifiable certificate separately.

Lecture Review

Students can easily lose concentration during a lecture and thereby miss the most important part of a class, unlike traditional classes where the student is on the receiving end and may not be able to bring the professor back. In an online class, the control is with the students. There is an opportunity to rewind a class video to listen again to any part you have missed. Better still, you can read the transcript that accompanies the lecture.

Reduced Travel Time

Location and accessibility are rendered obsolete. You don’t need to worry about travel time. In the comfort of your space, you can hook up to any classes, irrespective of distance.


In order to be successful with these tips, you need to make it your daily routine and stick with it. I guarantee your staying will increase your chances of staying at the top of your class, making the most of your online classes.