Universities And Businesses: An Important Synergy

Universities And Businesses: An Important Synergy
Summary: What will our world be like in ten years? Our research aims at defining an active pedagogy, and bringing together active learning environments. We aim to remap the ‘pedagogical’, and recognize that technologies such as cognitive technologies, or 'psycho-technology', mean to broaden horizons and break existing topographies.

The current version of Docebo SAAS has been developed by following different business guidelines, and theoretical suggestions. This last year has been spent listening to the specific business needs of our clients, and confronting those needs with a truly new pedagogical approach. This approach is defining a totally new eLearning experience for all of our students.

What Teachers And Learning Administrators Really Need From A Learning Management System

Both school teachers and company learning administrators desire to learn how to use the platform in short times. This new version of Docebo SAAS is the most friendly eLearning platform we have ever developed. We estimate that a learning administrator, or teacher, need just a few hours to learn all the basic functions. Such topics would include how to create a course, upload training materials, enroll students, and create reports. The new Docebo SAAS user interface is extremely easy to use.

To enforce the concept of learning environment, we have developed a totally new course area. This is where the teacher is free to "assemble" different learning activities, and offer to their own students a new learning experience. Using the modules offered by the system, a teacher can follow their own didactic approach, and design in real time.

A New And Unique User eLearning Experience

The previous eLearning path is recreated to give freedom to the teacher in deciding their project's starting point and development lines.

We have also enriched the APP marketplace by following the guidelines below:

  • Integrate Docebo SAAS with all the social networks
  • Integrate Docebo SAAS with the most recognized CMS
  • Enable private and public companies to fully integrate Docebo with other management systems
  • Use Docebo SAAS in synch with various videoconference platforms

We also decided to integrate Docebo SAAS by using apps with the Google universe. We are sincerely convinced that for schools and public companies, Google's productive suite is an exciting opportunity.

In this scenario, an eLearning platform is not simply a system, but the pulsing center of a rich network of applications.

The Importance Of  The Academic Ties

Teacher's needs for new teaching methodologies are often on the same level with the emerging learning experience for "new citizens".

The agent, or digital performer, emphasizes their creative force and places it on different levels of experience, and makes it an ongoing project.

An entire university can now approach this complex strategy by using the new Docebo SAAS. Thanks to the flexibility of cloud technology with its integrated ecosystem, Docebo’s Learning Management System is an effective solution to achieve Massive Open Online Courses. Academic institutions, cultural foundations, non-profit organizations, and businesses are now involved in this new trend that is achieving huge success, and is able to bring tangible results.

The New Docebo can be activated for a 14 day FREE trial, here

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Docebo is redefining the way enterprises leverage technology to create, deliver, and understand the business impact of their learning experiences through The Docebo Learning Suite.