How To Design Your Skills Strategy

How To Design Your Skills Strategy

Date August 24 2021
Duration 60 Minutes
What is the best skills strategy? How can you ensure that your learners develop skills that are in line with your organization's mission and HR priorities? Steve Dobberowsky and Brett Wilson not only know the answer, but they will also share their insights in this engaging webinar! Join them and stay updated! This event is sponsored by eLearning Industry.
How To Design Your Skills Strategy
Speaker Brett C. Wilson & Steve Dobberowsky
Brett Wilson is a seasoned business operations executive who has spent the past 20+ years pioneering major business growth strategies and improving business units for the training industry. His expertise spans many corporate areas, with a firm grasp of essential P&L and client management in support of commercial and government accounts. His primary expertise is in strategic talent management particularly in the areas of learning and development and business process design. Steve leverages his expertise to assist organizations in all industries in all things talent management. Through his career experiences as head of learning and leadership development in the public sector, he’s become a proven business-savvy leader with a track record of providing high-quality innovative services and solutions. Steve’s knowledge and insight have made him a trusted partner, and one of our strongest minds in the areas of learning, employee development, content, and skills.
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How To Design Your Skills Strategy

Preparing for never-ending change, innovation, and disruption has become a fact of everyday life for organizations since the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic. But how do they keep up with the pace of change and become resilient?

In order to remain nimble and adapt to constant change, HR is tasked with developing the skills of their people for the jobs of today.

Secure your front-row seat now as this dynamic, interactive webinar will give you the foundation for building a customized Skills Strategy that aligns with your organization's mission and people strategies. Our speaking panel features Steve Dobberowsky, Director of Strategy and Value Services, and Brett Wilson, Senior Advisor of Thought Leadership Advisory Services.

Together, they will walk you through the 3 critical steps in designing skills strategy to drive growth for the future!

During this session, we will discuss:

  • Effective business strategy and inspiring vision
  • Valuable internal feedback as a primary source for better decisions
  • The external environment in shaping the future of industries or organizations
Think skills development is on track? Think again. We are in a global skills crisis.
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