What Is eLearning And How Is It Important For Our Education System?

Benefits Of eLearning: Why Is It So Important?
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Summary: eLearning is a fast-growing industry. Having garnered much attention in recent times, eLearning is increasingly becoming a crucial element of education.

Discover The Benefits Of eLearning

Today eLearning is fundamentally changing the way learning is imparted to students. After the proliferation of the eLearning phenomenon, higher education has undergone major changes—and, it looks like things are going in the right direction. The eLearning market is booming, aiming to generate a revenue of over $325 billion by 2025; there are quite a few reasons to account for this. Students, graduates, and businesses all around the world are reaping the benefits of the digital shift in higher education.

According to author and eLearning researcher, Donna J. Abernathy, "Online learning is not the next big thing; it is the now big thing." Learning has become a lot simpler through the eLearning process. The best online learning platforms nowadays enable eLearning so students can get the most out of their classes. It may be in the form of material videos, interactive eBooks, indefinite questions, etc.

Due to the existing accessible eLearning solutions for both computers and smartphones, it only takes a decent eLearning tool or application to facilitate education from practically anywhere. With rapid advancements in technology, the geographical gap has been bridged too. eLearning provides the opportunity to share and access content in all sorts of formats, including images, videos, slideshows, docs, PDFs, etc. Webinars and audio-video sessions have also become the new normal.

There is a wide variety of eLearning systems available, such as Learning Management Systems and an array of exceptional eLearning apps. eLearning is an affordable option that allows learners to choose their learning according to their lifestyle and preferences, ultimately enabling even the busiest person to learn new skills.

10 Benefits Of eLearning

1. Access To A Vast Pool Of Information

eLearning helps learners access a large knowledge pool of information anytime, anywhere. Since updated information on a wide variety of topics is available, learners rarely face doubts. Besides that, learners get profound insights into the subjects at hand that they would not otherwise have obtained by learning in conventional classrooms.

2. Accommodates Every Individual’s Needs

There is no one size that fits all, but the same can’t be said for eLearning. The online learning approach is better suited for everyone and fits everyone's needs. The digital revolution has led to profound changes in how education and learning are accessed, consumed, discussed, and shared. People can take up online educational courses depending on their availability and comfort.

3. Ease Of Accessibility

eLearning eliminates all limitations, bridges all boundaries and geographies, allowing learners from around the world to take up the courses of their choice. The ease of accessibility is one of the key advantages that eLearning offers. Even if you aren’t physically available, you can continue to learn through online courses.

4. Self-Paced Learning

While conventional methods of education still play an undisputed role, online learning comes with a springing advantage in terms of time flexibility. It has been found that keeping up with a strict curriculum leads to frustration among many students and discourages them from making academic improvements. Methods of eLearning allow learners to enjoy a self-paced learning schedule. It also provides working professionals with the opportunity to take up courses and study according to their preferred schedules.

With eLearning, the possibilities are practically endless. From documented content, video tutorials, webinars, mLearning applications, and interactive learning tools, any individual with an internet connection can have easy access to information. Even universities, such as Yale and Harvard, are embracing technologies that provide students a self-paced learning process.

5. Helps With Upskilling

We live in a technology-driven, fast-paced world and the need of the hour is to keep upgrading your knowledge and improving your skillset. Staying up-to-date with the latest industry trends was previously a challenge for companies and employees where upskilling was a necessity. But diversifying areas of expertise, learning new skills, and being up-to-date with the latest trends and developments are all the more possible with eLearning solutions.

6. mLearning Apps

In today’s world, everything is just a click away. Educational apps have brought about a revolutionary change. The transition from conventional modes to digital modes of learning has made the learning process lucid and interesting. The smart kid of today learns quickly from mLearning apps and shows considerable progress as well.

According to Statista, projections show that the eLearning market worldwide is forecast to surpass $243 billion by 2022. In fact, a considerable share of faculty worldwide has shown willingness to support less traditional and more digital education models. To build a robust eLearning solution that disrupts the educational industry, invest in android application development.

7. Scalability

eLearning helps in creating and conveying curriculum, strategies, ideas, and concepts with ease. Whether it's for formal education or fun, eLearning is a really quick way to learn!

8. Effective Results

It has been proven that online education can be more effective sometimes. Increased accessibility helps more students to grasp the information received and they benefit from it. eLearning has shown positive outcomes, such as improved scores on evaluations and has helped students retain information for longer periods of time.

9. Environmental Benefits

The advent of eLearning has influenced every sector without exception. eLearning promotes a carbon-free environment by being paperless. According to a study, distance-based learning uses 90% less energy and 85% fewer carbon emissions. eLearning will bring about positive results for the environment in the long run.

10. Cost Considerations

The expenses associated with higher and traditional education often discourage learners from pursuing their ideal learning experience or academic journey. A major benefit that online learning offers is cost savings. It is one of the key reasons for the growing popularity of eLearning in the past few years. eLearning is the most cost-effective option. Learning through digital modes is quick, convenient, and results in a decrease in expenditure.

eLearning is also a great solution for workplaces and large organizations when it comes to employee training. Corporations can enhance the skills of their employees with online solutions that are efficient and affordable.


eLearning has a raft of benefits and it helps learners stay relevant in today’s fast-paced environment. eLearning is fundamentally transforming how we access information and changing the education system for the better.