Why Does An LXP Allow Better Learning Than An LMS?

Why Does An LXP Allow Better Learning Than An LMS?
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Summary: eLearning has made the world evolve. Employees now have the power to accomplish many things for the company worldwide, but it's also true that they have individual learning needs because of their age gaps.

What Is The Difference Between An LMS And An LXP?

Learners should deeply ingrain learning, and this is something Learning and Development (L&D) professionals need to be careful about. Learning becomes a habitual task for learners using an LMS, rather than an exciting activity. Hence, to make learning interesting for learners, the Learning and Development professionals must ensure that the learning becomes an experience for learners.

An Admin Has More Control In An LMS

The LMS admin controls what kind of content can be shown on this platform. So, they control content publishing, and hence their discretion decides whether any user-generated post will be shown or not. The users/employees cannot post queries when the admin disapproves of them.

The learners have no choice in whether they want to pursue a course or not. If the course has been allotted to them by the LMS admin, they have to take it. So, the LMS contains all the mandatory compliance courses. Similarly, the LMS admin has the power to create permissions for viewing content for any specific category of users.

An LXP Allows Users To Post Content

An LXP makes it possible for users to post content. It helps learners get information through their peers, with the software serving as a service platform. The critical difference between an LMS and an LXP is that the latter helps users publish content through their pages. Users can upload content and images on their pages through the WordPress editor and format them in any way. They can create and post content, including documents, videos, and pictures.

Such a platform allows employers to integrate users' social media profiles, where all their details are mentioned. Learners can also post comments and ratings on each other's pages, just like on social media pages. Social learning is a significant feature of an LXP. Social learning also happens when learners are allowed to use the live chat feature to chat with experts.

An LXP Allows Personalized And Collaborative Learning

An LXP has much more content because anyone can be allowed to post. Social learning is a major form of learning, and hence the LXP is becoming popular. This is because a large part of the content on this platform is posted by peers, which makes employees take an interest in it. Apart from that, employees can get other employees' opinions through discussion groups. When an employee is interested in a particular topic that is not present on an LMS, they can be notified when it's available on the internet.

LXPs can also help users get the content they are searching for through the use of AI. Users can also interact with chatbots through the LXP to get ideas about relevant content, which offers them recommendations using AI. Learners can get appropriate recommendations from the AI-based LXP about the content they should check. Skill-based learning is also a crucial part of an LXP. This is because theoretical learning is not always enough. Through practical learning, learners can develop capabilities without which they won't be able to thrive or make the organization prosper. Capabilities are more than skills, they are a bundle of skills that help learners survive in scenarios. For example, it is having the capability to do their job that ensures that salespersons can ask prospects questions, judge their interest in buying the product, and negotiate so that the product is sold at an optimum price; while it is a skill to be able to listen well to the customer.

The main difference between an LMS and an LXP is that the learners can access content through the world wide web through the latter platform. So, it gives them personalized content suggestions, including social media portals, YouTube, and even company blog posts. The companies can have an online chat option in an LMS, but learners want to chat through Facebook, and this is where an LXP can help. An LXP also offers users other features, like including a video for onboarding. It can help HR get an introduction to new hires. Zoom can also be integrated with the LXP, and the learners can join any meeting or view the recordings of the previous sessions, which may be helpful for their learning.


The LMS and the LXP can both be required by an organization. They are not mutually exclusive (i.e., you can't choose one over the other). Companies should have some form of admin-based control on the content, which is only possible through an LMS, but then sometimes learners need to exercise some of the control, too, like they do in an LXP.

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