LuAnne Holder

As an instructional designer for e-learning, I have led elearning solution projects in both corporate and academic environments. My experience with online learning comes from many perspectives. As an  online course designer, I converted onsite courses into a format appropriate for online delivery and designed new courses based on interviews with SMEs and my own research. As an online student, I journeyed through my doctoral work in Instructional Design for Online Learning, developing a community of practice among other educators in the process. Finally, as an online instructor, I have taught professional writing and instructional design classes for adult learners. I am interested in the development of learning communities, faculty development, constructivist learning environments, and problem-based learning. I am also actively involved with Quality Matters. Recently I have become interested in MOOCs and the connectivist approach to developing personal learning networks.

eLearning Articles by LuAnne Holder


12 Twitter Tips for the Tenderfoot

Friday, 4 January 2013 by LuAnne Holder

Many educators disregard Twitter as a narcissistic fad used to mark one’s personal movement through the day. How could Twitter…

Social Learning
How to design assessments that promote the learning process

How to design assessments that promote the learning process

Sunday, 11 November 2012 by LuAnne Holder

Assessments are critical elements of instruction; they determine accomplishment of lesson objectives. However, you can design assessments to be more…

Best Practices
Developing Communities of Practice

Developing Communities of Practice

Tuesday, 6 November 2012 by LuAnne Holder

Social media allows friends, family, and co-workers to easily stay connected. Those same tools can be used to establish a…


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