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How Rapidly K-12 schools are adopting Educational Technology? - Infographic

Are you interested to know how rapidly K-12 schools are adopting digital textbooks, video content, the flipped classroom, online assessment, social media, and customizing student access to the Internet?

How Rapidly K-12 schools are adopting Educational Technology?

Enterasys Networks conducted a survey with questions such as:

  • Do you use Digital Text Books at your school?
  • How well does your network infrastructure handle video content in the classroom?
  • Do you currently monitor student network and Internet Access?
  • Who uses online assessment?
  • Is your school planning to adopt some usage of the Flipped Classroom?
  • When will Social Media be used in classroom for teaching purposes?

255 responses were collected and some of the answers that should be highlighted are:

  • More than 37% say they plan to move to Only Digital Textbooks within the near future.
  • 84% can monitor online activities.
  • 46% plan to exclusively use online assessment for testing withing 5 years.
  • 43% currently use or plan to try the Flipped Classroom model.
  • 33% use Social Media for teaching purposes.

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