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The Hottest Educational Technology Trends based on Teachers - Infographic

Web-based Tools for Educational Purposes, Online Educational Resources, Digital Literacy, Personal Learning Networks (PLN), Blended Learning, Social Media in Education, E-Moderation, Mobile Learning, Digital Games in Education, Interactive Whiteboards: Which is your Hottest Educational Trend?

The Hottest Educational Technology Trends based on Teachers - Infographic

100 European and North American teachers were asked to rate their interest in today's Educational Technology trends. 57 of them were females while 43 were males. The teachers were very interested in the following Educational Technology Trends:

  1. Web-based Tools for Educational Purposes - 69,7%
  2. Online Educational Resources - 68,6%
  3. Digital Literacy - 65,3%
  4. Personal Learning Networks (PLN) - 56%
  5. Blended Learning - 54,6%
  6. Social Media in Education - 44%
  7. E-Moderation - 42,6%
  8. Mobile Learning - 42%
  9. Digital Games in Education - 28,7%
  10. Interactive Whiteboards - 27,7%

What are your TOP 5 Educational Technology Trends?

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