10 Resources For More Effective Online Learning

10 Resources For More Effective Online Learning
Summary: Learning and acquiring knowledge is now easier and more effective thanks to the Internet. For students, Internet offers new and innovative resources and they only need to find out which set of them they need or find useful. With various online resources and tools that they can access on the Internet, they can utilize any of these to widen their knowledge, acquire new skills, and get higher grades in school.

Resources For More Effective Online Learning

Here are 10 resources for more effective online learning:

  1. Educents
    Launched way back in April, 2013, this website is great site for students, teachers, and parents who want to access quality education materials at affordable prices. When you browse the site, you get to see the different educational materials depending on your needs. Whether you are looking for science, music or mathematics materials, Educents offers a broad range of products at reasonable prices.
  2. Earth Rangers
    Possessing knowledge that goes beyond the confines of a classroom is essential these days. And with Earth Rangers, children and families get to know more about biodiversity. The program known as the Bring Back the Wild educates children about the importance of protecting animals and wildlife. The program has almost 270,000 kids and it has raised more than $1.6 million for conservation projects.
  3. Best Essay Tips
    When writing essays and other academic projects that you have to submit to your teacher or professor, you need to create a quality and original work that meets academic standards. Thanks to Best Essay Tips, you never have to tire and stress yourself out. The company is known to have the best writers who can offer you the directions you need at affordable prices. All you have to do is to provide the details and your requirements. The writer assigned to your project will then create the content based on your given specifications.
  4. Qiqqa
    Conducting research and the whole process of collecting information to come up with a good research work can be really tedious and difficult to organize, especially if there is just too much information available. With Qiqqa, you get to access a platform where you can collect and read papers conveniently. The platform enables you to easily collect, manage, organize and read huge volumes of files.
  5. Allcorrect
    When submitting your essay or any other project, you have to make sure that it is entirely free of any error whether grammatical or spelling. For students who have so many things to attend to, sometimes they tend to forget to proofread and edit their work prior to submission. To avoid getting low marks just because of such errors, you can avail the proofreading and editing services offered by Allcorrect. The site offers affordable and guarantee flawless proofreading and editing services.
  6. PowerMyLearning
    Parents, students and teachers now have to be adept in using educational technology. One great website that was created and built for this purpose is PowerMyLearning. This site offers a free platform where you can create personal instruction and self-directed learning. Educators can create activities in all K-12 subjects. For parents there are various activities to help their kids, and monitor their performance in school.
  7. Udemy
    Learning a new skill will always put you ahead of the game. As such, it is crucial that you keep on learning and acquiring valuable skills that you think you can use later on. At Udemy, there is a wide array of online courses to choose from. Depending on which particular course you want to enroll in, you can easily search for it in their database, pay for the course and earn a certificate.
  8. Mendeley
    Students and researchers have to deal with a lot of resources and information for their research projects. To make things more efficient and convenient, it is essential to use an online tool where they can create their own library, so that materials are organized and easy to read. Mendeley is a reference manager as well as an academic social network that can read and annotate your files anytime and anywhere.
  9. Colwiz
    Colwiz is a convenient platform that allows you to access, read, manage and organize materials with ease. With this platform, you can find the articles that you need on PubMed, IEEE, Science Direct, World Cat, Colwiz, etc. You can easily save any material in one place and use any device to access it anytime of the day. The site offers 30GB free cloud space for online users.
  10. Coursera
    Coursera was created in partnership with various learning institutions and universities from all over the world. Through this website, you can enroll in different courses offered by top universities and colleges. From social sciences to natural sciences, there are several online courses to choose from. Some of these courses are offered for free while there are other courses where you have to pay. But once you have accomplished the whole course, you get to have a certification of accomplishment.

These 10 resources can help you in so many ways. Although some of them can be easily accessed for free, there are also other resources and tools where you have to pay for a certain fee. But the good thing is that with these tools and resources, you can to have more effective online learning.