14 Things That Your Learning Management System Doesn't Do (But TalentLMS Does)

What Your Learning Management System Doesn't Do (But TalentLMS Does)

eLearning is a very competitive industry. Vendors compete on features, performance, ease of use, stability, extensibility, support, pricing, and lots of other things.

That’s part of what keeps us motivated to work on new TalentLMS features, enhancements, and updates (like the recent update about TalentLMS in Cloud that we've released mid-May). And, judging from the results, we are probably doing a few things right.

Besides the seamless Cloud-based turnkey experience and our well praised support, here are 14 things TalentLMS does that your Learning Management System doesn’t.

  1. Converts presentations to videos.
    If you've been doing seminars, internal training, and so on, you probably have tons of PowerPoint presentations. Problem is, they are not that exciting as a training material, and they also require a compatible viewer program. TalentLMS lets you automatically convert these presentations to video for incorporation in your online lessons.
  2. Consumes content directly from Wikipedia, YouTube, Prezi, etc.
    Speaking of incorporating external content into your courses, internet is filled to the brim with excellent eLearning material in all kinds of formats. Instead of manually copying and pasting or making do with links to it, TalentLMS allows you to directly consume content from Wikipedia, YouTube, Prezi, SlideShare, and many more sources. Content can be seamlessly integrated with your own material and reused in many lessons and courses.
  3. Sends reports at scheduled intervals (to anyone you choose).
    You probably know that TalentLMS has a powerful reporting system that gives you insights to all aspects of your eLearning portal and its users. But did you know that you can also automate your learning reports in TalentLMS and have them sent at scheduled intervals to specific recipients? Perfect for keeping your instructors or pointy-haired boss in the loop.
  4. Lets you build custom reports and perform mass actions.
    Besides the default report types that TalentLMS provides, you can also go wild creating your own custom Learning Managent System reports (using the same powerful filters and tools that are available for the default report types). Even better, TalentLMS lets you perform mass actions on the results of a report, updating, notifying, or even deleting multiple items (students, instructors, groups, courses, etc.) at once.
  5. Integrates video conferences.
    Web based eLearning is great for giving students the freedom to study at their own pace. Sometimes though, a little face-to-face (or “real time”) session is indispensable.
    With the video conference tools TalentLMS offers, you can have the best of both worlds. You get not only audio and video conference capabilities, but also real time chat and a virtual whiteboard to boot. Even better, video sessions can be scheduled and handled just like normal lessons, through TalentLMS’ support for instructor-led training. What distinguishes us is that video conferencing comes as part of the main TalentLMS offering. You do not have to integrate, install, or buy a 3rd party video conference subscription; it just works for you!
  6. Lets you collect subscription payments.
    While TalentLMS is ideal for internal training inside a business, it also allows you to build your own full blown eLearning school and sell courses. And when it comes to getting paid, it also allows you to offer subscription based courses. Subscriptions allow your end-users to have access to all of your paid courses by paying a single monthly fee, as opposed to a per course, one time purchase. Subscriptions currently only work with the Stripe payment service, but they will soon be available through PayPal too.
  7. Lets you build custom user types.
    Besides the default built-in user types (Instructor, Student, and Administrator) TalentLMS comes with, the software also lets you build your own custom user types. You can add your own fields and information to these custom user types (depending on your business needs) and define their privileges and permissions in excruciating detail (if that’s your thing).
  8. Integrates with Stripe.
    For those of you selling courses, TalentLMS offers built-in integration with Stripe, the fastest growing payment processor in the world. And for those whose region is not covered by Stripe, we also offer PayPal support. Between the two services, TalentLMS covers 99% of the world (the rest is probably Antarctica, so not much business interest there) and allows you to handle payments from all major credit card companies.
  9. Offers gamification.
    Adding a little bit of competition makes for a more interesting and challenging learning experience. In modern web terms this is called “gamification” and TalentLMS offers that too (surprise, surprise). Gamification takes the techniques that game designers use to engage players, and applies them to non-gaming experiences such as learning. TalentLMS's built-in gamification options include “points” (score), “badges” (medals), “levels”, “leaderboards” (high score lists), and “rewards” (bonuses).
  10. Connects with 200+ services through Zapier.
    TalentLMS was the first learning platform to offer integration with the Zapier platform, a service that enables web apps to communicate letting the user easily build coordinated tasks. This enables TalentLMS to integrate with any Zapier-compatible web app, a list which includes Dropbox, Evernote, Salesforce, Gmail, Twitter, MailChimp, and Trello.
  11. Lets you share courses even with non-registered users.
    TalentLMS was designed with flexibility in mind, and the knowledge that one-size doesn't always fit all. So while some other platforms may force an impenetrable wall between registered and non-registered users, TalentLMS allows you to share a course with anybody, regardless of his registration status, if you so wish.
  12. Offers social signups for your end-users. 
    Why force new users to open another account for your eLearning portal? TalentLMS lets them register through their social accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.), removing one extra step that doesn’t offer much (if anything) to their experience.
  13. Offers a free account for life.
    While we run a commercial service (and a very successful one at that), we still understand that some people want to evaluate our offering risk-free, while some small businesses, especially in developing countries, might not be able to afford our full featured plans. Instead of just offering a limited-period demo account, we did something better: we offer a starting plan that allows for up to 5 users and up to 10 courses, free for life.
  14. TalentLMS isn't superstitious.
    But we added a 14th item in this list, just in case you are :-)

Here we are: 14 things TalentLMS does but your Learning Management System doesn't. Sure, you may find that the latest version of some competitive Learning Management System does a few of them. But I guarantee you that it doesn’t do most. And then there’s our ease of use, performance, stability, and pricing to consider.

So, take TalentLMS for a test online drive (now, with our free-for-life starting plan) and see for yourself.

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