3 Best Investment Podcasts For Entrepreneurs

3 Best Investment Podcasts For Entrepreneurs
Summary: Below are 3 of the top investment podcasts for today’s savvy entrepreneurs with an interest in making better investment decisions.

Free Investment Podcasts For Entrepreneurs

Thanks to today’s technology and various social media platforms, busy entrepreneurs can enjoy learning about some of the best investment strategies while on the go. There is a variety of free investment podcasts for entrepreneurs to listen to at their convenience – by using their device of choice, including their laptop, tablet, mobile phone, or iPod. Here are 3 great ones:

1. Dan Holden - HoldenCAPITAL

HoldenCAPITAL is a specialist in the area of construction finance and has formed a group of equally knowledgeable team members who together have become one of the market leaders with respect to their ability to structure deals, source debt, and provide equity solutions.

The main focus of HoldenCAPITAL is to leverage the collective experience, resources, skills, knowledge, and relationships to put together the best deals concerning project financing and equity solutions with the intent to minimize risks while maximizing returns.

Their podcast features a variety of guests and covers topics that are beneficial for those with an interest in constructive financing. One of their guests is Matthew Gross of the National Property Company, who believes that debt is not a dirty word and discusses his views on the market, the opportunities within the industry, some of the challenges that he’s faced along the way, and some advice and lessons that he’s had in his career.

The podcasts are released each fortnight on Tuesdays and are also available for streaming via iTunes and the HoldenCAPITAL website.

2. Joshua Sheats - Radical Personal Finance

Radical Personal Finance is a personal finance site that provides viewers with knowledge about getting on the right path to financial freedom. Followers are guided by none other than Joshua J. Sheats, MSFS, CFP®, CLU®, ChFC®, CASL®, CAP®, RHU®, REBC®, who has credentials and years of professional experience as a financial advisor, and shares what works and what doesn’t work with listeners. He also provides listeners with strategies, tactics, and tools that have been proven to work time and time again to assist individuals to achieve their goals much faster and a lot more efficiently – regardless of where they may be starting from.

The podcast covers issues such as financial planning, strategic investing issues, and personal financing designed to provide guidance to anyone who is interested in making improvements to their personal finances.

They also provide very engaging interviews with subject matter guests, including podcasts such as The Laws of Wealth – Psychology and the Secret to Investing Success: An Interview with Author Daniel Crosby. Daniel Crosby, a behavioral economist, discusses some of the greatest challenges faced by investors, which he candidly believes is their own behavior. He has not only studied this issue in detail, but has come up with specific formulas and recommendations to assist investors to become better investors by better managing both their psychology and their behavior.

The Radical Personal Finance podcast airs each and every weekday.

3. Brian Preston And Bo Hansen - The Money-Guy Show

The Money-Guy Show is an upbeat yet enlightening podcast where a wide variety of topics are covered, related mainly to the most up to the minute financial topics that can be helpful to viewers by assisting them to make better financial decisions. This is done by advancing them to move beyond common sense.

Both Brian Preston and Bo Hansen are certified financial planners with Preston & Cleveland Wealth Management, which affords them the opportunity to contribute a wealth of knowledge to the show. Their podcast covers a variety of in-depth investing subjects as well as personal finance and money management issues. They’ve touched on areas such as the stock market as well as the financial mistakes made by professional athletes.

One of their more popular podcasts includes 3 Behavioral Finance Traits You Should Avoid. This is a discussion about the emotional behavior that drives the management of our personal finances with more efficiency. They believe that the initial step in this process is that each of us gains a better understanding of our blind spots and identify those tendencies that could potentially be working against us. During this podcast, they also point out that our actions and subliminal decisions trigger decisions that result in actions that have a huge impact on each of our individual financial situations. In this episode, they also address what they refer to as the 3 Behavioral Finance Phenomena That Impact Your Finances, and provide much-needed guidance to individuals who need to restore order to the financial chaos that they’ve created for themselves.

More specific issues that are covered include:

  • How purchasing an individual item could be responsible for forcing you to make the judgment to believe that you also need to purchase at least three additional items in order to “complete the package” (which is known as The Diderot Effect.)
  • How you can come face to face with burdens to assist you with getting your financial house in order, which causes you to address some core basics in a proactive manner, as well as why more time is spent on incomplete areas versus completed items (known as The Zeigarnik Effect), and more.

Entrepreneurs can invest time into making improvements in their personal lives by becoming engulfed in these engaging investment podcasts designed to assist them with investment and personal finances in a supportive community or in a private and confidential manner.