3 Huge Online Training Failures to Avoid

3 Huge Online Training Failures to Avoid
Summary: Maybe your learners are complaining. Maybe they’re not even finishing your e-Learning course. Maybe your boss is annoyed that your learners are still making the same mistakes, their job performance hasn’t improved and it all points back to you.

Online Training Failures to Avoid

It sounds like this training is a failure—but yours doesn’t have to be! Keep reading because we’re going to point out some common e-Learning failures. That way, you can prevent them before they happen in your online training program.

Here are 3 huge online training failures that you should avoid:

1. You created the wrong course for your audience.

Avoid the audience identity crisis! Preferably, do this before you begin developing the e-Learning course. Ask yourself the following questions to be safe. If any of your answers are “No,” you need to do some rethinking.

  • Is the course content relevant to my learners?
  • Does this help them improve their job performance?
  • Does this provide business value?

Often, your knowledge of your audience goes right along with getting to know your subject matter experts (or SMEs). SMEs can be tricky, especially when you’re trying to avoid an audience identity crisis, so here’s some helpful tips on working with yours: Getting to Know Your Subject Matter Experts.

2. You don’t have good data to show your boss training results.

This issue happens after the course is over, so is it really a training failure? Let’s be honest—yes, it most certainly is. You need good data to show off your success!

However, presenting data is time consuming and requires the help of an expert numbers guy (or girl). You know—that person who does subtraction in his head and designs colorful graphs with more info then you thought was possible to cram on one page.

If you have a small staff or a tight budget, or maybe you’re pretty talented but don’t have the time to spend creating detailed graphs, then you should just get new CourseMill® LMS V7 with learning analytics. That way, you can just drag and drop your way to impressing your boss!

3. Your learning management system limits you.

When you’re designing an e-Learning course (especially with Lectora®), your only limit is what you can imagine. Actually, that’s assuming your learning management system is up for the challenge!

Consider these when you’re choosing an LMS (or if you already have an LMS and need to upgrade):

  • Does your LMS support m-Learning?
  • Is your LMS fast?
  • Is the user interface easy to use?
  • Does it comply with WCAG and Section 508? (Most LMSs don’t.)

And if you’re wondering where you can find an LMS that’s up for the challenge, then you guessed it: CourseMill LMS V7 is your solution!

We hope you’ll avoid these 3 huge training failures in your next e-Learning course. For even more e-Learning issues to avoid, read this helpful blog post: 5 Red Flags That Show Your e-Learning Course Will Fail.