5 Changes In Study Habits That Can Result In Better Test Scores

5 Changes In Study Habits That Can Result In Better Test Scores
Summary: With the internet becoming an inseparable part of our lives, the changes in our study habits in last decade are very pronounced. Presenting to you 5 changes in study habits that can result in better test scores.

Changing Your Study Habits To Achieve Better Test Scores 

The dawn of the twenty first century saw many great strides in the story of development of mankind in the last decade and a half. From internet becoming an inseparable part of our lives to our computers shrunk to a smart phone the size of our palm, the changes are definitely big and bold. Studying, just like any other aspect of our lives has undergone great changes. Here are 5 changes in study habits that can result in better test scores.

  1. Mobile phone apps.
    iPhone? Android? Blackberry? No matter what kind of smartphone you have got tucked in your pocket, it holds the key to an undiscovered world of endless facts and study tips. From planning the study schedule to actually studying for a test, mobile phone applications are the new future. More and more students are now relying on these intuitive apps to aid their process of learning and it is proving to be pretty effective too.
  2. Online video lectures.
    So you can’t grab that coveted seat at your dream university? No qualms because almost all leading colleges and institutions now have online video lectures on the internet and mostly they are for free! Learning your favorite subject from the best faculty in the world and that too from the comfort of your home is something that has substantially changed the way our generation studies.
  3. Online networking.
    Preparing for tests has never been so easy! Social media have become an effective tool for learning new tips and tricks and also find solutions to your queries. Online test forums on Facebook and other social networking sites have made it easier to discuss study and test prep online with the people with similar interests. Online platforms like Quora and Reddit have discussion threads based on various topics to answer many such queries too!
  4. eBooks.
    Gone are the days when students used to flip through endless pages of huge books one after another trying to mug up facts and figures. With eBooks available on the internet on every possible subject of interest, test prep has become easier. All you need is a device with an active internet connection and a reader app, mostly an Epub or a PDF reader and you are good to go! Shopping platforms like Amazon provide a huge range of reading options and reference materials in their eBook section. And even if you are not very willing to shell out money ,there are other online resources too which provide free eBooks for reference and reading purposes that can be of great help to you and your test prep.
  5. Social studying.
    There is an old anecdote about two heads being better than one, and that comes as the best option, especially in case of test prep.  Social studying or finding similar minded people to study with; has essentially emerged as a yet another great change in study habits that can help your test scores grow in a big way! Specialized apps like Studypal.co aim at filtering out the perfect study partner for you according to your location, test date, target score and even your school/Office. Finding study partners and forming study groups to work on each other’s strengths and weaknesses has never been easier than this!

Each one of us has our very own personal approach to test prep. It is natural for us to develop our own sense of studying and doing prep. Some of us choose to be morning birds while many are night owls staying up on caffeine doses day after day preparing for their big day! But whoever we are and whatever our choice of test prep technique is, with improvement in technology, these huge changes in the general study habits have helped us in uncountable number of ways and of course, changed the way we study for tests forever. Be it using an eBook or a study app; or finding an equally enthusiastic study partner in your vicinity to cheer you up and motivate you, technology has made studying easier and we should learn to take benefit from it to improve the test scores.

There is no one stopping you once you are set on your goals, and we, at StudyPal.co wish all of you good luck with your test prep!