5 Questions About Virtual Training

What You Need To Know About Virtual Training

Virtual training, that also can be called serious games, is based on training simulation with specific environment and characters. The learner will be able to experiment and test by themselves various situations. Virtual training is composed by 2 main parts:

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The first virtual training was created in 2002 by the US army and was called “America’s Army”. The objective of this virtual training was to engage young men into the US army. They also develop this real virtual training to prepare and to offer experience before going on the battlefield.

ITyStudio Virtual training software

1. What Is It For?

The main objective of virtual training is to engage learners. Thanks to the combination of both the gaming part and the more serious part, it will be easier for the learners to feel engaged and motivated. The second objective of virtual training is to teach new skills to the learners. With simulation games, it is not only a knowledge transmission, it is principally a skills transmission. It is easier and quicker for the learners to acquire new professional skills.

2. Whom Is It For?

Even if the virtual trainings market was developed only for military needs at the beginning, times have changed! Nowadays, all types of companies are interested in deploying these learning assets, because of the strong potential of virtual training. Even the most developed sectors, like Health and Education, and other companies in sales, communication, human resources, or transport see an interest in virtual training. Virtual training applies to every kind of companies, in every field, to every sector, and in every structure’s size.

ITyStudio Virtual Training Software

3. In Which Field?

Professional Training

Due to the flexibility of virtual training, you have the possibility to use games for learning in every field and department of your company. Virtual training is often used as professional training to enhance knowledge and learn new skills. For example, a commercial department may need to train their Sales people to sell a new product or to know better the market, or an industrial company may want to train their employees to use a new engine.

Behavior Simulation

Another main utilization of virtual training is simulation. With virtual training, you can create a real immersive serious game. You have the possibility to train your employees in the real work situation. You can create 2D or 3D simulations to be closer to real situations. For example, you can simulate a job interview and have the position of the candidate or, conversely, be the recruiter.


Virtual training can be a useful tool during a recruitment session. With virtual training, you can assess the person who is doing the training. You can identify skills and knowledge. For that, you can use virtual training as part of your recruitment process to have a first selection and to find talent! Moreover, some companies use virtual training to drive new potential candidates. By using a serious game, they discover the company or the different potential careers they can have.

Corporate Culture

Corporate culture is increasingly appreciated by employees and customers. It is important to share your corporate culture to your employees for the image and awareness of your company. Sometimes this can be tricky. With a virtual training module, it is possible and easier. You can create virtual training about your company and share your corporate culture, your values, and your traditions without being annoying to your employees.

ITyStudio Virtual Training Software

4. Why A Company Should Use Virtual Training Instead Of Classic Classroom Training?

The world is evolving and so does your company. Thanks to technology and innovation, you enhance your work performance, and virtual training can help you in this. Moreover, you do not have to choose between professional virtual training and classic training, but you can have a combination of the two. Learning simulation is a real competitive advantage for your company for many reasons. We are going to cross the main success key factors here:


Virtual training is educational and enhances motivation of employees. While learners think they are playing, they are actually learning. Virtual training is based on games. The game part will awake the learner's desire to win and for this reason, they will be engaged and feel concerned by the training. Moreover, you can diversify the training with all kind of support: QCM, simulations, videos, photos, games, etc.


Create an innovative training with a virtual training. You will catch the interest of all employees no matter their age or gender. Thanks to the customization part, learners can choose the avatars and identify themselves in the training. You can customize the environment to make the virtual training more real. You create real immersion. Plus, the new generation is not used to work with classic training. They are born with technology and your company needs to be adapted to the new social and demographic environment to boost work performance.


Have you ever dreamed professional training without logistical issues? Training that all employees can have access to, everywhere at any time? Virtual training makes this possible. You do not have to schedule a classic classroom session and trying to bring all employees together at one precise date, to one precise area. What learners need is a computer, and nowadays, who does not have one? Training is accessible no matter the place or time. You give flexibility to your learners. Moreover, if you need to change the training, you just can just update the module and not create new training.


Flexibility brings money. First, you do not have the classroom training related cost for your organization. That means you do not have to pay a trainer, you do not have to repay the transport charge or hotels for your learners. As we said, they can do the module even from their home! And if you need to make changes, you have the control without having to pay for new classroom training. All you need is to modify the virtual training and send it back to your learners!

Evaluate Easily

One of the major advantages of virtual training is that you can evaluate learners from many ways. We identify 2 categories:

  • Direct evaluation.
    You can add classic evaluation into your virtual training such as questions, quizzes, QCM, etc to evaluate knowledge.
  • Indirect evaluation.
    With this kind of evaluation you evaluate skills of learners. This is possible thanks to the storyline and branching scenarios. Learners will be evaluating on their choices, as they have the possibility to create their own and unique stories.

ITyStudio Virtual Training Software

Following Evaluation

Virtual training help learning managers follow their learners' progress. They have access to all the results quickly and easily for all learners. They can have a quick general view of the performance of their learners on virtual training or look in detail who has difficulties and who has a great talent. They can adapt the next virtual training according to the progress of learners.

5. Last But Not Least: How To Create Virtual Training?

Now that you have answered your questions and you want your own virtual training, you may ask "How?". Once upon a time, you had to consult a digital learning agency to have virtual training. But the story has changed! Nowadays you have several possibilities to have your own virtual training according to your needs, your company, and your budget:

  • You want a quality and personalized virtual training?
    Create a bespoke virtual training with a learning agency. The agency will design and create the virtual training for you. This is the case of IDiLe by ITycom: IDiLe creates bespoke serious games and simulations for you.
  • You are looking for quick and simple virtual training?
    Choose on the shelf-content modules. ITyStore by ITycom for example is providing you with several modules approaching several themes like recruitment, management, communication, human resources, or production.  You can consult the catalog here.
  • You want to combine all the advantages of virtual training like quality, budget, and flexibility?
    virtual training authoring tool is made for you! With this solution, ITycom gives you all the keys to create your own customized virtual training and succeed. You have access to a large choice of environments and characters and benefit from the new features for free! This serious game authoring tool has been created in 3 worlds: Simplicity, efficiency, and branching scenarios. You can create a real immersive virtual training easily, no technical skills required! Here is some extract from the online software authoring tool:

Branching Scenario ITyStudioEnvironements and avatars ITyStudioITyStudio : Virtual Training Authoring Tool

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