5 Tips To Market Yourself As An eLearning Professional

5 Tips To Market Yourself As An eLearning Professional
Summary: In this article I will share some invaluable tips and techniques for how to market yourself as an eLearning professional, so that you can get the word out about your top-notch eLearning services and attract the clients and projects that you really want!

How To Market Yourself As An eLearning Professional

There isn't any doubt that acquiring experience and expanding your knowledge of eLearning practices and principles are key to success in the eLearning industry. However, even the most seasoned eLearning Professionals won't be able to build a thriving eLearning business unless they have an effective marketing strategy in place. And this is wherein the challenge often lies. While you may have a firm grasp of how you differ from the eLearning competition and the high value of your eLearning services, reaching your target audience is another thing.

  1. What Sets You Apart from the eLearning Competition?
    Knowing what makes you stand out from other eLearning professionals will help you to not only develop your brand image, but also to create a marketing plan that properly showcases your eLearning specialties and unique talents. However, you also have to be able to concisely and accurately convey these core strengths to potential clients. In this case, the “quick pitch” becomes invaluable. You have to be able to describe your eLearning services and your eLearning skill sets in under a minute, which will give you the opportunity to sell yourself to your target audience quickly and effectively. Your abilities and eLearning experience are going to help you create a solid eLearning portfolio that appeals to prospective clients and enables them to get a clear idea of what you can offer. Take time to develop an in depth description of your offerings and the key elements that put you a cut above the rest. Also, carry out extensive research into the eLearning competition to find out where their strengths and weaknesses lie, so that you can use that knowledge to your own advantage.
  2. Build a Solid Online Presence.
    A vast majority of your business will probably be coming from online sources. However, even those who don't find you directly through online searches or social networking sites (such as those whom you meet in person) will most likely check to see if you have a credible online reputation or a strong online portfolio. Therefore, it's crucial to develop an online presence that attracts the right audience and then gives them enough reasons to hire you for their eLearning project. Create a solid eLearning portfolio that shows off your eLearning design and development skills. Have reviews or testimonials for your eLearning services placed prominently on your site, guest post on other blogs or sites that are geared toward eLearning design and development. Be as visible as possible online by taking the time to cultivate a significant online presence that is polished, carefully planned, and well implemented.
  3. Social Media Can Lead to Unique Opportunities.
    The problem with social media sites is that many people underestimate their importance in terms of marketing and self-promotion. While a vast majority of us have used Facebook and Twitter to stay in touch with friends and family, we may have overlooked the fact that these websites can also be powerful marketing platforms. Create a professional profile on a variety of social media sites, especially LinkedIn, to give employers or clients the opportunity to learn more about what you have to offer (and how you are the ideal candidate for their upcoming eLearning project). Social media sites also allow you to have an open line of communication with clients, and notify them of upcoming events or updated eLearning services that you may be offering.
  4. Network with Fellow eLearning Professionals.
    There are two key reasons why you'll want to network with other eLearning professionals. Firstly, they can become invaluable resources that you can call upon if an eLearning project ever requires their specific skill sets or talents. For example, if you are bidding on an eLearning project in the near future that calls for an in depth knowledge of an authoring tool you aren't familiar with, you can enlist the aid of another eLearning freelancer rather than having to turn down the job. Networking with other eLearning professionals also gives you the chance to get client referrals or to find out about eLearning projects that wouldn't have otherwise. They are also likely to call upon you when they need help with future project, offering you the opportunity to not only gain experience but also to make new connections with their clients. So, attend as many networking events as possible, reach out to other eLearning professionals via online networking forums and groups. You are more than welcome to join the largest online community of eLearning professionals:

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  5. Publish an eLearning Article.
    I've saved the most valuable marketing tip for last. Publishing an eLearning article will help you to promote yourself on several different levels. Not only will it allow you to establish yourself as an authority in your niche and strengthen your online reputation, but also it will boost your online visibility significantly. Potential clients will get the opportunity to glimpse into your skill sets and expertise, and those looking for information included in the article will be able to contact you directly if they need more information. Several top eLearning authors have told me that they received a job proposal and/or an eLearning project offer because their target audience read their articles at eLearning Industry. For example, if you publish an eLearning article that talks about the benefits of corporate eLearning, chances are that clients who are looking for online training professionals will read your article and contact you. In addition, there is a great possibility that they will keep you in mind for any further requests for quotes or proposals.

Knowing how to create ongoing business opportunities for yourself is essential for your professional success. With these eLearning marketing tips you can promote yourself as a top eLearning professional in any eLearning niche or specialty, from private education sector to corporate training.