5 Useful eLearning Tools You Must Know About

5 Useful eLearning Tools You Must Know About
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Summary: Today, learning a new skill or grabbing a certification is possible with a few right clicks on the internet. The only thing required is the knowledge of right tools that makes our job quicker. This article will guide you about useful eLearning tools every eLearner must know about.

What Are The Essential eLearning Tools You Should Be Informed About?

With technological advancements, it has become possible for learning enthusiasts to improve their skills with a variety of online courses. But managing an eLearning project can be a daunting task. That’s why you must be aware of tools which can help you conduct, manage and organize eLearning courses. In the article below, you will find a list of 5 useful tools to make your job easier.

The following tools will help you in managing different aspects of eLearning, including productivity, content creation, research, networking, and communication.

1. ProofHub For Productivity

ProofHub is a Project Management software which can help you plan, collaborate, organize, and deliver the eLearning projects quickly and easily. It includes a lot of amazing features including proofing, task management, time tracking, reports, Gantt chart, discussions, and a lot more. It can be integrated with Google Drive, Box, Dropbox, or OneDrive account.

How Is It Great For eLearning?

ProofHub is a wonderful collaboration tool which can be used by eLearning teams to collaborate and communicate seamlessly. You can also use the mobile app to initiate discussions, schedule meetings, set project milestones, and stay connected with your team members. All in all, it is a simple tool which can help you stay organized and up-to-date.

2. Camtasia For Visual Content Editor

Camtasia is a popular screen recording and editing software which lets you capture everything on your computer. It lets you capture the action on your computer's display and convert it into a video file. You can record the entire screen, a window, an application, a specific region and even your own face using the webcam. It also lets you record your computer's audio from a microphone. So, it lets you capture everything including applications, video streams and even video games. Also, it can record video VoIP calls through Skype and other similar software.

For editing stuff that you have captured, Camtasia offers you a lot of basic to advanced level of video-editing tools. You can add effects, include media, adjust the audio, insert titles, annotations, add transitions, animations and do a lot more. In fact, it is said that Camtasia's editing tools are at par even with the best video editing software.

How Is It Great For eLearning?

Camtasia can be used for eLearning in a lot of ways. Instructors can use it for recording videos which can later be seen by learners at their convenience. With Camtasia’s animations and quizzes, you can create a highly engaging video course content.

3. SurveyMonkey For Research

When it comes to creating and deploying market research, SurveyMonkey is an unbeatable online survey tool. Even the free version offers a clear-and-understandable User Interface, which makes it easier to solicit input from users, customers, and employees. You can easily publish an online survey in almost no time and also read and interpret the results easily.

How Is It Great For eLearning?

SurveyMonkey can be used to gather learner feedback, which is the most crucial part of the eLearning process. This can help eLearning professionals use surveys for evaluating the success rate of a course and make improvements accordingly. It can be used to send a post-course evaluation with questions to collect feedback about the contribution of course to the learners understanding. Overall, the data collected with SurveyMonkey lets you improve course design.

4. Twitter For Networking

Twitter is the best social networking platform to get real-time updates about important people and things in your industry. Although it is less formal than LinkedIn, it provides ample opportunities to connect with thought leaders and engage with them.

How Is It Great For eLearning?

As already mentioned, Twitter allows you to follow eLearning thought leaders, contribute to major eLearning conferences, involve in discussions through a hashtag and do a lot more. You can integrate it with your Learning Management System to communicate with learners and marketing courses. In fact, Twitter is one of the most powerful social media tool for social learning and building an effective online presence as an eLearning professional.

5. Skype For Communication

Skype is a complete web-based communication tool for a smooth communication through text messages, video chat, and international calls. It helps you establish and maintain strong communication with your clients and remote employees. It offers great collaboration features like instant messaging, video conferencing, group chat, video chat, document, and image sharing. You can also connect over mobile phones and landlines at super low rates.

How Is It Great For eLearning?

Skype is a popular and free classroom tool, which is power-packed with a lot of premium features. Online trainers and teachers can use it to connect with their students in an eLearning environment. Skype is used by many teachers to bring guest speakers like authors and college professionals into the classroom from anywhere in the world. It also lets you organize a virtual field trip for your students.

The Final Verdict

The above tools, if used properly can definitely make it easier for you to manage your next eLearning project. As an eLearning manager, all these can make your life simpler. So, give them a try and see how they work out for you and your team.