6 eLearning Conferences To Note In Your Calendar

6 eLearning Conferences To Note In Your Calendar
Summary: There are so many eLearning conferences out there but which ones are actually worth going to? LearnUpon have highlighted the top conferences that have benefited them in that past. Who knows, maybe you'll benefit from these too!

eLearning Conferences You Need To Attend 

There’s no denying that attending conferences is one of the greatest ways to network and potentially meet your current and future customers! Being spoilt for choice, you’ll easily find a conference taking place near you. However, deciding which eLearning conferences are worth going to is the question! Below are just a few to consider that have really benefited LearnUpon in the past and are definitely worth the trip!

1. ASAE Annual Meeting Αnd Expo 2016 (14th – 15th August 2016)

ASAE Annual is the first professional associations conference LearnUpon attended. ASAE Annual Meeting & Expo It is the go-to association management event of the year, as it represents more than 21,000 association executive and industry partners. The lineup for 2016 includes keynotes from NASA Astronauts, Captain Mark and Scott Kelly, and Derreck Kayongo, and over 100 educational sessions. There’s something here for every association professional. With 21,000 individual members, this community represents almost every sector of the economy. Non-members of ASAE are more than welcome to attend. You can pay a non-member conference rate and receive a one year membership too. It’s a win-win situation. So, if you’re going, we’ll definitely see you there! Among the many attendees you’ll find us at booth 615.

2. [email protected] (24th – 25th October 2016)

In its fifth year, this Australian eLearning conference is known for being the largest workplace learning conference. Annually taking place in Sydney, it’s considered the only conference in Australia to bring together all stakeholders involved in people management. Through modern technology and solutions, it focuses on improving workplace learning and development in organizations. The typical attendees found at this event range from Directors, Architects, Health and Wellness Managers, and Recruitment Officers, just to name a few. The wide variety of attendees makes it one of the best conferences to bring a wide multi-disciplinary team to.

3. DevLearn Conference & Expo (16th – 18th November 2016)

Organized by the eLearning Guild, DevLearn focuses on showcasing the latest learning technologies. Annually taking place at MGM, Las Vegas, it’s the perfect conference for learning professionals who are looking for ways to improve their organization through innovative thinking and new technologies. Each year organizers host keynote sessions that focus on different elements of learning. This year it explores the role - creativity plays in storytelling, problem solving, innovation, and more. Due to its scale and reputation, DevLearn works as a who’s who of eLearning. It’s sure to inspire you with the creativity theme it plays this year. We’re already counting down the days until we’ll be there!

4. ASAE Technology (13th – 14th December 2016) 

ASAE Technology is one of the world’s longest running eLearning events. In it's 11th year running, this conference focuses on leadership in eLearning. Typical attendees include CEOs, CIOs, directors, and managers who aim to support their organization in the most profitable and strategic direction. With a wide range of industries to be found here, this event aims to give professionals with areas of expertise the opportunity to learn from  shared leadership examples.

5. Learning Technology (1st – 2nd February 2017

Taking place in London, Learning Technology is Europe’s leading Learning and Development conference and expo. Spread over two exhibition halls, over 7500 attendees will be able to enjoy free learning and development seminars. These seminars feature the latest issues faced in the workplace covering topics from collaborative learning, IT training and skills, learning engagement, and so on. Everything you need to know will undoubtedly be covered! With over 70 inspirational speakers and facilitators, this is one that you won’t want to miss out on!

6. ATD Annual: 21st – 24th May, 2017, Atlanta, USA

ATD Annual is the largest talent development conference attracting over 10,000 people every year. This was our second year exhibiting and we will be surely making it a third. ATD provides you with over 300 educational sessions to supply you with the knowledge, strategies, and solutions to help your talents reach their full potential. Workshops are held before the conference begins to help attendees to develop the skills they need to stay competitive in their role. Attend this conference and leave after networking with the right people to bring fresh new ideas back to the office.

Last Word 

eLearning conferences can be a catch 22 situation! They can really burn a hole in your pocket. From registration fees to flights and paying for everything in-between, all these events don’t come cheap. However, eLearning conferences provide a unique convergence of networking, learning, and fun. A good conference forces you to grow and challenge yourself. While you can put a price on flights, hotel, and tickets, the contacts and inspiration you return with really can be priceless!

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