6 Practical Ways To Reap The Maximum Benefits Of MOOCs

6 Practical Ways To Reap The Maximum Benefits Of MOOCs
Summary: A major percentage doesn’t even complete the half of a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC), let alone benefiting from it. Here are the things to keep in mind to shun the weaknesses associated with online learning, and pull out the maximum benefits of MOOCs.

How To Reap The Maximum Benefits Of MOOCs

So, how can one reap the benefits of MOOCs?

I claim to be an insane fan of this entire concept of online implements and learning resources. They don’t only smoothen things, but also enhance productivity. While I was already in love with the clever online tools like Grammarly, Buzzsumo, and Evernote, that have been aiding my writing career so well, I was introduced to the concept of MOOCs by a friend, and how could I possibly ignore such a thing?

I am a recent entry in the world of MOOCs – 5 courses and 8 months to be precise.

But, I am delighted to see how the number of candidates enrolling for these courses has proliferated over past few years. The number of candidates enrolled for MOOCs in 2015, i.e. 35 million, is twice to that of 2014. Massive growth, indeed. And, there are over 1600 MOOCs being launched this September.

This can have certain assorted reasons. But, one big reason, I feel, is that in this fiercely competitive and dynamic world, learning and adding new skills to your profile has become obligatory. And if the professional courses are so easily accessible, why shouldn’t anyone?

But, after completing 5 MOOCs and dropping out of 3, I’ve realized that we don’t take home equal value from each of them. In fact, there are a lot of factors that you need to consider. Here are 6 things to keep in mind to shun the weaknesses associated with online learning, and pull out the maximum benefits of MOOCs:

1. Do Your Homework Before Starting Out

Don’t just enroll for a MOOC because it’s free and the description is enticing.

Though we feel dropping out of a free MOOC doesn’t cost anything, it does; it boosts negativity and weakens motivation. If you’ve already dropped out of a number of courses, you’ll never have enough motivation to start another. But, finishing even one online course will supply oodles of confidence.

I firmly believe, MOOCs are best for the students having a clear purpose in mind, and which, of course, shouldn’t be solely obtaining a certificate. So, before you begin, make sure you actually have that will to learn. Choose the course that best suits your purpose for taking it. And, if you have a busy schedule, choose the ones having very small sized lectures.

2. One At A Time

It is always better to not take up multiple courses at a time. Especially those who have a busy work schedule, must avoid taking this route. This way you’ll only end up exhausting your brain. And, even after spending months, you’ll not get satisfactory results.

3. Stay Passionate Throughout The Jaunt

People are often quite enthusiastic at the beginning of an online course. As they proceed, the urge to learn dwindles.

If this happens, think of this thing; have you gained anything so far, which you think was worth the time? If yes, you must cultivate new passion by visualizing how much more will you gain with a little more time. Also, set a goal of completing at least so much of the classes as you’ve already taken. Once you’re done with this, do the same exercise again.

4. Find Someone To Discuss It With

Find a companion for the course. A real friend. A virtual friend. You can find someone on the course forum. Even if you cannot find someone who’s starting the course at the same time, contact someone who’s already done with it.

Discuss what you learn at each class with your course companion. The glitches. The progress. Discuss as much with him/her as possible.

5. Isolate Yourself

Whenever you’re taking an online class, plugging in your headphones or earphones sequesters you from the chaotic noises, if any. In fact, even the small chitter chatter can be quite disturbing, at times. To reap the benefits of MOOCs, you better isolate your mind from whatever is happening around.

6. Increase The Speed

Slow speed lectures can sometimes be dull as dishwater. And, sometimes, when the professor is stretching a topic, you have to struggle to concentrate.

Quite natural.

To beat this, enhance the speed of the video and you’re brain will become more active. This would happen because, in this case, your brain will need to be alert to keep up with the lecturer. A sluggish video makes your brain lazy and inactive.