6 Pros Of Learning Simulations

The Advantages Of Learning Simulations

As the percentage of millennials rises in the workforce, the use of learning simulations in companies should increase drastically. Nevertheless, this is not the only reason why these tools are important for trainers.

In this article, we will discuss some serious advantages that learning simulations bring to workforce training.

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1. Flexible.

Unlike classical training methods, where classroom training is provided, learning simulations ensure that learners can complete their training module at their own pace. This way, fast learners can speed up their training, meanwhile the slow ones can take their time. By allowing employees to learn at their own speed, you will increase your engagement rate, as well as the information retention of your learners, leading to better results.

Moreover, employees work out at different time zones. Thus, learning simulations that are available 24/7 enable employers to offer staff training without any constraint on resources.

2. Interactivity and maximum implication.

It has been proven that learning simulations enhance learner engagement and improve retention. Thanks to the evolution of the authoring tools available today, introducing gamification in the staff learning program has never been easier. Even if there are a lot of great softwares out there, we do recommend ITyStudio, which is, in our opinion, the way to go if you are looking for a cost-effective solution, that offers interactivity and ready-made content.

learning simulations

learning simulations

Beyond all the technical aspects, the pedagogical approach is also really interesting when it comes to learning simulations. First and foremost, it will enable you to match the skills of your learners with the goals of your online training.

Besides, you will also be able to add more interactivity by inserting files in your learning simulations, such as PDFs, images, videos, stories...

3. Capacity and consistency.

Errors are human. We all know it. And this is precisely the problem, when it comes to enterprise training. A trainer in a bad mood, sick learners… So many elements can impact negatively a conventional training session.

This is where learning simulations come into play. Think about it. Once your training simulation is up and running, all you have to do is deliver it to your your learners. This allow educators to achieve a great degree of coverage for their target audience, and it ensures that the message is communicated in a consistent way. This results in all learners receiving the same training.

4. Greener and cost-effective.

Conventional learning systems involve significant costs. The truth is, money is spent on non-productive activities. For instance:

  • Trainer.
  • Employee commutation.
  • Classroom rentals.
  • Infrastructure rentals.
  • Trainer cost per hour.
  • Paper and documentation costs.

What about deleting all of these costs? Well, learning simulations make it possible. With this kind of training, you do not have to pay for employee commutation anymore. Besides, you now only pay your trainer once, to setup the training simulation, but that is it. And it goes on for every single element listed above. Furthermore, learning simulations are not only cheaper, but also greener!

Indeed, since everything is digital, paper consumption, as well as employee commutation, is drastically reduced. That is very good for your Carbon Footprint.

5. Millennials will love it.

One of the most under rated benefit of learning simulations is how it is better suitable for the millennial workforce. Strange as it may seem, Millennials do not work just for money. They are also here to learn new skills. With a conventional classroom style learning environment, there are only a limited number of training programs that an employee could attend. With online training, knowledge is always available for employees. This gives them better access to subjects they are interested in, and not necessarily those that would benefit them at work. And this is precisely what millennials are after.

More than increasing the overall skills of the organization, learning simulations are also a great human resource asset, to ensure employee retention, above all Millennials. Usually, companies that enable access to valuable learning simulations to their staff enjoy better loyalty from such employees, who have a greater sense of accomplishment at their workplace.

6. Activity and ROI measurements.

Last but not least: ROI measurements. Chances are you use a Learning Management System to deliver your learning simulations to your learners. If you do so, then tracking attendee’s progress should be a piece-of-cake.

Thanks to your Learning Management System, you will be able to gain visibility on:

  • Your learners’ performance.
  • Your learners’ strengths and weaknesses.
  • Whether or not employees connected to the training simulation.

Thanks to this, you will have a clear vision on your learners’ progress. You will see who attended learning simulations and who did not. By having an established vision on the strengths and weaknesses of your attendees, you will also be able to develop new serious games to improve these areas. Moreover, with these Key Performance Indicators in mind, you will be able to have a better visibility on the ROI of your learning simulations.

Now, It’s Time To Take Action: Create Your First Learning Simulations For Free!

In this article, we highlighted the main pros of learning simulations. By now, you should be clear about why this kind of online training is the right one.

Fortunately, there are authoring tools on the market that enable you to create awesome learning simulations, quickly and easily. You will not get overwhelmed by all the technical stuff, as everything related to web design is already done for you, and the pedagogical structure can be easily laid out through right click and / or our drag and drop system.

The most beautiful part is the outcome: Learners do love interactivity, and you will be able to offer them plenty of it. Moreover, you will see that your pedagogical results will be better as well.

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