7 Productivity Hacks For eLearning Success

Productivity Hacks To Ensure Online Learning Success

As lucky as we are to be learning in the digital realm, we’re also tasked with the added responsibility of being our own teacher and setting realistic guidelines for how and when we study. While you might feel that you’re busy at all times when you’re in a study session, there’s a difference between being busy and being productive. Everyone has different proclivities, so there’s bound to be different motivators that keep us all productive - it’s just a matter of finding which ones work for you. By following a few of these simple productivity hacks you can maximize the results you get out of your eLearning studies.

1. To-Do Lists Are Your Friend

As boring as it might sound, having a “to-do list” is one of the simplest and most effective ways to get things done. Whether you’re packing for a holiday or completing an assignment, lists keep you accountable and remind you of what’s important.

Each day, set yourself a to-do list of what you want to achieve. Be realistic, though, otherwise it can be very easy to throw it all in when you feel like things have gotten too hard. As soon as you realize how good it feels to cross another item off your list, you’ll be motivated to get through it all.

2. Don’t Switch Tasks

Having a few jobs on the go and getting them all done at once is the ultimate way to be efficient, right? Wrong. Although many people feel like they’re getting a lot done when they multitask, they’re actually doing the very opposite.

A study conducted by Stanford University found that multitasking is actually far less efficient than focusing on one task at a time, and having endless streams of electronic information entering your brain can inhibit your ability to concentrate or recall information; both very important skills to have when you’re engaged in a good study session.

3. Keep Those Tabs Closed

We’re all guilty of it. You have one tab open for your work, another for emails, and another for checking out your social media accounts. As long as you have your work open at the same time, then there can’t be any harm in taking a peek elsewhere now and then, can there? This mistake is one of the biggest time wasters the eLearner can engage in and it can take hours of productivity from your day.

Set yourself a time to check your emails and social media, and be realistic. Do you really need to spend 15 minutes of every hour refreshing the feed to see what’s happening? When you’re meant to be studying, this should be your main focus. Have a goal in mind that you’ll work hard until a certain time, and then allow yourself a break to check out something not related to your education.

4. Take The Stress Out Of Citations

There are so many great apps and websites aimed at helping the modern student get things done more productively. One of the most time-consuming tasks we have during assessments is with our citations, and thankfully there’s a way to reduce the time spent here.

Websites such as Citethisforme.com allow you to create an automatic citation to the page you’re reviewing so you can add it into your work without a fuss. It may not seem like much, but when you consider all of the references you need to list throughout your education it can certainly add up.

5. Hide The Smartphone

As attached as we are to our smartphones, sometimes they can do us more harm than good. For the eLearner working away on their laptop or computer, having this additional piece of technology going off in the background can put a huge dampener on our productivity.

Out of sight, out of mind is the mantra here. Keep your smartphone turned on silent and out of your view so that you’re not tempted to reach for it with every little “ding” or vibration. On your scheduled breaks you can go wild and check all of your notifications, which might even act as a motivator for some to get through their designated study session.

6. Use Food As A Motivator

There’s a reason why a horse walks forward when you dangle a carrot in front of their face: Food is a great motivator. And it’s not just for horses either, as humans love the thrill of a bit of food temptation as well. Before you start your day, set aside some snacks and meals and use these as goalposts to get things done. You’ll be surprised at just how rewarding a little treat can be when it's used as motivation to finish your studies.

Stick with healthy snacks where you can, though, as you don’t want to be fueling up on high sugar treats that aren’t going to give you a sustained release of energy. Set realistic goals such as: “Once I reach 500 words, I’m going to have a five-minute break and enjoy some almonds.” These goals relate to something productive and realistic, so it’s a great way to motivate yourself.

7. Making The Most Of Your Time 

We’re all gifted with the same 24 hours in the day, and the productive among us are those who know how to use their time wisely. It’s true that eLearning comes with a range of benefits over traditional studying methods, but with those perks also comes added responsibility on the student to be in charge of their time.

A productive eLearner is a successful one, and employing just a few of these productivity hacks can help you get the best out of your day. When you enjoy your study time and don’t feel a ton of pressure on your shoulders as you learn, you’re bound to have a more enjoyable and gainful education!