7 Reasons Why LearnUpon LMS Is So Successful

7 Reasons Why LearnUpon LMS Is So Successful
Summary: Roll out training quickly and easily at scale with LearnUpon!

LearnUpon LMS: From Kitchen Table To Global Success Story

At first glance, LearnUpon LMS appears to be yet another Learning Management System. However, a closer look will reveal an LMS that truly stands apart. LearnUpon supports organizations looking to roll out training to employees, customers, and partners quickly and effortlessly at scale.

LearnUpon’s first ‘office’ was really the kitchen table where the founders set out their vision to build a cloud-based Learning Management System that would shake up the market. Since it was designed by a team of experienced eLearning professionals, LearnUpon removes the frustrations normally associated with traditional clunky, expensive Learning Management Systems. The company was founded in 2012 and today LearnUpon is one of the fastest growing Learning Management System vendors on the market with over 600 customers worldwide. Over 60% of LearnUpon’s customers are based in the US and Canada including QuickBooks, Allstate, Citrix, and DocuSign. In such a crowded space and with so much choice, why are customers selecting this Learning Management System?

1. Quick To Set Up

LearnUpon customers are up and running within hours. Customers who choose LearnUpon avoid the long implementation timelines required by traditional platforms. No required deployment time simplifies the implementation process, means minimal disruption to your user base, faster buy in, and a much quicker return on investment.

As LearnUpon is cloud-based, there is no hardware or software to install. It takes just a few minutes to upload learners and all kinds of content, including videos, Microsoft Word and PowerPoint documents, and SCORM and xAPI files. Simply create exams and assignments to assess how well learners understand your courses. Certify learners, offer badges and points to incentivize learning, and meet compliance requirements.

2. Reduced Administration Time Through Ease Of Use

LearnUpon’s features and settings are laid out intuitively. The Learning Management System makes it easy for administrators to access and action common tasks allowing them to deliver courses and track progress more quickly than on traditional platforms.

LearnUpon instantly integrates with a range of software including Shopify, webinar, and Salesforce. This means your Learning Management System can easily be linked up to your key internal systems without a requirement for technical expertise.

3. Multi-Portal Functionality At Its Core

LearnUpon simplifies the delivery of online training to a company’s employees, customers, partners, and resellers. This is often referred to as the extended enterprise. LearnUpon is a multi-tenant solution that allows you to easily create customized learning environments for multiple, separate audiences. Each audience is provided their own unique “subportal” that is conveniently managed from a “top portal”.

Multi-portal functionality is one of the system’s most useful features. It takes only a few seconds to create a separate portal, copy the features and settings you need, and create a unique URL and separate settings for others. LearnUpon was designed from the ground up with this multiple portal functionality at its core. It thus excels in an area where other LMS vendors have tried to retrofit the same functionality.

4. Modern And Mobile Responsive Platform

On entering LearnUpon one of the first things that strikes you is how modern and intuitive the user interface is. The interface is fresh and clean and provides a fast and consistent user experience.

In addition, LearnUpon allows for significant configuration of branding options. Customers can upload their logo and banner images, and choose their preferred styling and colors. However, if you need to be able to completely customize your Learning Management System, then LearnUpon may not be the solution for you.

LearnUpon’s mobile responsive design enables both learners and administrators to instantly work from anywhere, freeing both from the constraints of the office environment. It offers a consistent user experience across all devices including tablets and smartphones.

5. Features Offer A Powerful Learning Solution

LearnUpon has a considerable feature set including Salesforce and webinar integrations, gamification, and eCommerce. When combined, these features offer a powerful eLearning solution for small to medium organizations that don’t need an expensive custom built solution. LearnUpon is available in 11 major languages.

Despite its considerable feature set LearnUpon still falls short of some of its longer established competitors. However, based on LearnUpon’s feature progress to date and the fact that they release new features regularly, based on feedback from customers, it will not be long before LearnUpon reaches feature parity or even leads the way.

6. Customer-Focused Culture

LearnUpon offers fast and thorough support, to all customers, in all markets, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. For free! LearnUpon has built out a global support team to deliver on this commitment. In an industry that is renowned for poor customer support LearnUpon stands out.

LearnUpon goes beyond offering traditional customer support, offering a customer success representative as standard on all plans. These representatives work with customers to ensure they are using the Learning Management System to its full capabilities, based on their needs.  Customers benefit from LearnUpon’s experience with hundreds of use cases.

7. Transparent, Predictable, And Reasonable Pricing

LearnUpon is a breath of fresh air when it comes to pricing. There are no charges for setup, no upgrade bills or other hidden costs. Pricing is totally transparent and is displayed on LearnUpon’s website.

LearnUpon has an active user model that means customers only pay for actual usage of the platform and therefore pricing scales as users increase. Rather than force customers into multi-year deals, LearnUpon has a pricing model that aligns the interests of customer and vendor.


Given the clunky systems out there and the poor support offered by traditional Learning Management System vendors it is not hard to see why LearnUpon has grown rapidly since launch. When considering a Learning Management System selection across three criteria of features, support, and price it is clear LearnUpon offer a compelling solution. And based on the history of the platform’s development LearnUpon will only continue to improve.