7 Ways The Latest Docebo LMS Release Delivers Social And Mobile Learning Tools

7 Ways The Latest Docebo LMS Release Delivers Social And Mobile Learning Tools
Summary: Your organization wants social and mobile learning capabilities. The new update of Docebo LMS, Docebo 6.9, makes that possible.

How The Latest Docebo LMS Release Delivers Social And Mobile Learning Tools

The eLearning market has shown a need for tools to support social and mobile learning, and Docebo listened. The latest release of Docebo LMS (Docebo 6.9) brings much needed social and mobile learning capabilities to the market, along with a host of other features meant to simplify your eLearning efforts.

A good learning plan that incorporates informal and experiential learning opportunities can have a huge impact on your businesses KPIs. However, you need the right tools to find these results. The latest release of Docebo LMS, Docebo 6.9, delivers. Here, we’ll talk about 7 of these new features that can help your organization develop a healthy blended learning culture supported by your Learning Management System.

1. New Tools For Social Learning

Plenty of evidence has proven formal learning needs to be reinforced with more informal approaches to increase retention. Docebo Coach and Share gives you these opportunities.

The portion of this new application we named Docebo Coach allows organizations to tap Subject Matter Experts for their in-depth knowledge, without interrupting their already busy schedules. These organizational experts can answer questions posed by peers on their own time. This approach to social learning helps develop a sophisticated, searchable knowledge library, allowing learners to find information at the point of need.

Docebo Share works alongside Coach and the corporate Learning Management System to allow users to share their own knowledge easily in any format. A product engineer can create a quick video from their mobile device detailing the features of a new product. They can then upload the video to Docebo, where it is peer reviewed before being shared with the entire organization.

2. Learn Anywhere With The New Mobile App Of Docebo LMS

Mobile devices now account for more than half of all internet traffic. Simply put, people love browsing the web on their smartphones. The new Docebo mobile apps for iOS and Android take advantage of this trend by delivering knowledge anywhere and anytime.

The new Docebo mobile apps are in addition to a web application optimized for any smartphone browser to deliver the full power of the Docebo LMS platform to any mobile device. Users can create and share content to learning channels with the push of a button. Users can also find and utilize micro learning opportunities at the point of need to reinforce formal learning.

For example, a salesperson can utilize a short video or slide deck that details a product’s features for a quick refresher on the way to a sales call.

3. Gamify And Reward To Inspire Your Learners

How do you motivate your Subject Matter Experts to share their vast expertise? How do you motivate your team to work together to create a library of useful information? Docebo’s new Gamification Rewards Marketplace allows you to incentivize your organization to create a culture of self-improvement and constant development.

Users earn points for completing courses or contributing to the knowledge base within the platform. They now also receive coins that correspond to their points earned. These coins can be used to purchase rewards assigned by administrators. The user still keeps all their points, allowing them to keep up with their performance with a competitive internal leaderboard.

4. Central Learning Object Repository

Organizing hundreds of learning objects across a Learning Management System can be a painful task. The new Central Learning Object Repository seeks to simplify this process by storing all of your learning objects in one searchable, easily updateable library.

The Central Learning Object Repository will allow you to:

  • Manage all learning objects in one, convenient location.
  • Publish a learning object to multiple courses.
  • Edit and update a learning object across all occurrences.
  • Use different versions of a learning object in multiple courses.

5. Browse Better With Channels

A user-friendly new channels interface allows users to arrange and browse learning content based on their preference and learning history. You can easily organize content into channels for different branches of your organization. The sleek and seamless interface allows learners to find the knowledge that corresponds to their needs, as well as browse content that’s not directly connected to, but still important to their duties.

6. Embed Videos From Knowledge Libraries

Video hosting sites have tremendous vaults of knowledge that can be tapped at no cost. Thanks to new integrations, you can now easily embed videos from YouTube, Vimeo, and Wistia within your platform.

7. Integrations For Better Learning And Easier Administration

You probably have enough on your plate without having to bounce back and forth between a Learning Management System, CRM, or HRM. At Docebo, we always strive to make this easier with single sign-on and seamless integrations with the best business tools. Now, we’ve added even more integrations to simplify your organizational management needs. Here’s a quick look at these new integrations:

  • Salesforce.
    We now offer a flexible way to map Salesforce data into the Docebo platform that opens a variety of new automation features.
  • Lectora.
    Easily create and upload learning content directly to Docebo with the Lectora integration and the PENS standard.
  • Shopify.
    Turn your Learning Management System into an eCommerce machine with your Shopify storefront, easily accessible from the Docebo platform.
  • Web Conferencing.
    Bluejeans and Zoom.us have joined Docebo's large list of web conferencing integrations to make it easier for your organization to connect.

You’ve no doubt updated your sales and marketing strategies over the years to reflect the times. Now is the time to revise your learning plan. Find the tools your organization needs to develop a well-rounded, blended approach to Learning and Development.

Start a free 14-day trial (it takes just a minute to get started) and see for yourself how Docebo LMS delivers real results.