A Beginner’s Guide To Marketing Your Games Online

A Beginner's Guide To Game Marketing Strategy
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Summary: Are you a gamer and also the owner of a gaming website? Do you know some great ways to market it online? No? Not a problem! This article is a guide for beginners who are new to online marketing, which is essential for business owners to know. Give it a read now!

The Why And How Of Marketing Your Games Online

So, let’s suppose that after months of hard work, you’ve finally completed developing your game. We know that developing a game is time-consuming, but what’s the point of such a game if people know nothing about it? Yes, you’ll have to market your newly developed game so that more and more people come to learn about it. Nowadays, there are a lot of platforms where you can market your game. All you need is a good marketing strategy and patience because success doesn’t come overnight!

In this article, we'll be talking about the different ways you can promote a new game website. But first, let's talk about a concern that crosses a lot of people's minds. Yes, you've guessed it right! Are games good for your brain or not?

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The Health Benefits Of Mobile Games

A lot of people have been saying that playing games will affect the health of the brain. But some studies and research support the argument that video games tend to enhance the health of the brain. It might sound like a despicable claim, but as a matter of fact, this is true.

Below are 5 vital benefits of video games that a lot of people do not know. So, in order to learn more about them, you need to read until the end.

1. They Enhance The Mood

If you’re tired from working all day long and want to relax for a while, playing a video game that you like the most will for sure elevate your mood. The feeling of victory is one way of boosting your mood.

2. You’ll Be Training Your Brain

Whenever someone is playing a video game, it doesn’t matter whether it’s on their mobile phone or a gaming console, the person is training their brain and creating innovative and tactical ways of solving the puzzle.

3. You’ll Cater To Multiple Goals At The Same Time

If you love playing role-playing games or even an FPS game, you need to have quick reflexes in order to adapt to the changing environment of the game. Video games are not being made simple these days, they require multi-tasking. Yes, the game wants you to handle multiple objects and goals at the same time so that you can win the game.

4. Quick Thinking

Just imagine that you’re the only player left on your team and your avatar is just about to get knocked out. You can’t afford to lose the match too. Now, it’s up to you to make quick and accurate decisions or you’ll lose the match. Whereas, if you quickly analyze and react fast to the gameplay, not only will you win the game, you will also be able to brag about it in front of the team.

5. Accuracy

Like we've mentioned above, when you're playing a video game, you are training your brain to solve complex puzzles, right? There are a lot of games that will require you to make split-second decisions with nominal losing chances.

7 Ways To Promote A New Game Website

You think that you’ve developed an awesome game that you think will go viral within a few days or weeks. Until (or unless) your company has a big name in the gaming industry, you should expect little traffic for your game. So, the first and foremost thing you need to understand when you need to promote a new game website is that marketing it holds significant value, just like developing an exciting game.

Below is the top game marketing strategy that you need to opt for if you want to make a huge impact in the gaming industry.

1. Reach Out To Trending Influencers

A lot of the viral games in the past have been promoted by social media influencers. However, not a lot of game developers have chosen this game marketing strategy. This might be because they are unable to reach out to social media influencers.

2. Create Video Content

If the target audience does not know about the gameplay of your video game, how can you expect them to play it? This is one of the reasons why you need to make a video of its gameplay along with a promotional video.

3. Build An Online Presence

Building an online presence is the best (and cost-savvy) way to reach out to the targeted audience. Online presence means that you need to make a social media profile on different profiles and share your content with the readers.

4. Join Social Media Blogs

Along with making social media profiles on different platforms, you need to join different gaming blogs as well. Most of the blog sites will allow you to promote your game, which will increase your game’s exposure.

You can find such blog groups on social media platforms such as Google Plus, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram.

5. Cross-Promote Your Game

When you have different types of apps and games, you can promote them via each other. It could imply that a free application without a clear income model can be made into a channel for cross-advertisement for your money generating game.

6. Make A Simple Website

Creating a simple but great website is also considered to be a good game marketing strategy. This way you can convey much-needed information to all the prospective customers. What's more, you can also integrate promotional material on it. Just make sure that you upload all the information on the website that complements your new game.

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7. Get Reviews

Getting reviews from your customers about your game will also encourage people to buy and download the game. Keep in mind that the more positive reviews you get for your game, the more people will be driven to your game.

Once you’ve made a website for your game, you need to get it listed in a renowned business directory. Make sure that the information in the business listing directory is accurate and informative.

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