Custom Solution

360 Inbound Marketing for eLearning Companies

Always-On Conversion Engine (ACE®)

Generate sales-qualified leads for your brand, continuously and with minimal effort

Developed by our experts with years of experience in the eLearning industry and B2B inbound marketing, ACE helps you generate sales-qualified leads for your brand, with a progressively lower cost-per-lead.

ACE® is not magic, it’s practical.

Having worked with hundreds of eLearning marketers on accelerating their inbound marketing strategy, we have developed this true-and-tested demand generation methodology to help eLearning organizations attract and qualify the right buyers.
  • It is easy to scale and evolve
  • Gives you greater customer coverage
  • Achieves higher-volume customer marketing
  • It is a fully-automated lead generation funnel for each of your ideal customer profiles
  • Over time, as your content matures and ranks better, the numbers of leads produced increases while, at the same time, the cost-per-lead is drastically reduced!
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How does ACE work?

Essentially with ACE, you set it and forget it… until you need to call up the leads it generated for you!
Research It starts with us researching your marketing goals and building together an editorial calendar customized to your needs.

We look at: competition, Topic fatigue, Keywords, Trends and of course your business objectives
Content Based on that research and with our help and guidance, you produce 8 - 10 articles that target specific buyers’ personas (e.g. CLOs, L&D managers).

You then roll these articles up into an eBook.
Lead Gen Prospects discover your content and we guide them to share their contact information with you by gated assets (eBooks, popular check - lists, or white-papers). This provides you with points of contact to the so far anonymous parties that your content drew in.
Promotion Once you create your content, we promote, distribute and amplify it across the global eLearning community of decision makers that trust us daily (all 647,000 of them).
Webinar Once several prospects have downloaded your asset (e.g. eBook), it is time to invite them to a live webinar session, which is the closest you can get to sales-qualified leads without outbound sales effort.

This webinar is then recorded and hosted on eLearning Industry, generating leads for as long as you wish!
Lead Nurturing Once an ACE® “cycle” is completed, you can relax as leads start accumulating for you indefinitely and you can begin another one - stacking up on your automated leads generation power! Get in Touch

ACE® Testimonials

If you are looking to build a healthy pipeline of qualified leads and need help creating the right content, promoting it to the right audience and implementing a demand generation strategy that continuously brings you organic leads then you’ve come to the right place. But…

ACE®: A premium service to lower your Cost-per-Lead

As awesome as the results from these campaigns are, we cannot make it happen for you. We need you to make it happen with us. And your commitment to success and results is essential!

Every year, we only take on a certain number of partners that seem like a great fit for this hands-on approach, so if you are looking for an outstanding demand generation program, one that your sales teams will thank you for, reach out to us to decide if we are a good fit for each other.
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