How To Increase Online Course Sales: Effective Tips You Should Try

How To Increase Online Course Sales Effective Tips You Should Try
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Summary: eLearning is still in its initial phase. It will grow even more in the coming years and if you want to be successful in this industry, then this is the right time.

How To Massively Increase Your Online Course Sales In A Few Easy Steps

So did you work hard to create a course, edit videos, set it up on an online platform but still weren't able to sell the course online? Well, reading this article will surely help you increase your online course sales.

Well, believe it or not, after this worldwide pandemic, online creators including course creators, internet marketers, and website owners got more opportunities to tap into huge audiences. This was the time when some creators actually did smart work and attracted more and more students to their courses. But why were all course creators not able to succeed? Well, there are tons of reasons behind this. If you improve these bottom lines and make your course strong, you're going to gain more traction from students.

6 Smart Tips To Boost Your Online Course Sales

eLearning is still in its initial phase. It will grow even more in the coming years and if you want to fly in the plane of this industry, then this is the right time. So without further ado, let's get into the useful strategies you should start implementing today to grow your online course sales.

1. Offer Free Course (A Hook To Turn Visitors Into Your Audience)

When someone first visits your website, landing page, or watches your videos, they never become your audience. They are just normal visitors who check out resources and go back. Since they are seeing you for the first time and you are pitching your high ticket course, then how do you think they will get their credit card ready to complete the transaction?

Well, this is not why you should hard sell your course. In fact, no one would be interested in such kind of hard selling things. You have to be smart and first offer them a free course as a hook, which can be either a small course or an overview type of course. However, this free course must contain a value bomb so that they become fans of yours.

See, customers only trust you if you provide pure value. You should over-deliver value in this free course as it's your primary medium to convert them to pay for paid courses. It's the initial phase of the sales funnel [1] where they are getting more knowledge about the product that you're going to offer. So, first of all, create a free course that has real value to offer and gain trust.

2. Make Your Own EcoSystem To Play Them Around

The word "EcoSystem" might seem confusing to you. Its simple meaning is to create your own platform where they will get everything they want for their specific area of interest. For example, if you're selling a course about coding and programming, then create a platform where they will get everything about programming and coding. For this, you have to include a multiple-value medium where you can provide value. You can do this by starting a blog [2], course platform, forums, etc.

If you have less budget, you can start all these by yourself or if you want a more advanced custom platform, you can hire a remote software development team. By doing this you keep engaging them in your community and making them your regular customers or subscribers.

3. Arrange Free Webinars

Webinars are one of the best strategies to market your products or services to your potential customers. According to one report survey, 61% of marketers [3] use webinars as a tactic for their content marketing strategies. Start arranging free webinars and promoting them to get more and more students to enroll. This way you can get new customers.

However, I would like to point out one thing here: Don't pitch your paid products or services directly. First, try to offer value and gain their trust. Once you get that, now it's time to pitch your paid one. You can also try a free course strategy as it's an indirect way of pitching paid courses.

4. Offer Discounts And Coupons (Especially On Black Friday/Cyber Monday)

Discounts and deals are great ways of getting more conversions than you normally get. In fact, according to eCommerce Suggest, 54% of buyers will buy retargeted products if offered at a discount. You can announce your discount offers on some occasions or normal days. But I highly recommend you start targeting big days like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Thanksgiving as it's the time when people spend more money. According to last year’s Black Friday statistics [4], Black Friday shopping sales hit $7.4 billion. This is showing the potential of these business days. To target such events you should start preparation in advance. Plan your discounts, offers, marketing, tech setup, and much more.

5. Don't Be Afraid Of Pitching More Advanced Courses

Once they paid for one of your courses no matter the ticket size, it's time to present them with your advanced courses. Most creators think it's a shady tactic to pitch more courses but it indeed works well and increases overall customer value. If you prepare your low ticket courses well and put all your knowledge into them, they will definitely buy the advanced courses. It's that simple.

6. Offer Support After Enrolling Into A Course

Many students want to keep in touch with their mentors after completing a course, to ask some queries and solve their doubts. If you offer them free support after a course, then it's more likely that your conversion rate will be skyrocketed; not all course sellers do this. This is another great way of gaining trust and enticing them to get into a paid course. For this, you can either create premium Facebook groups or private website forums, email support, host trivia, etc.

Wrapping Up

For creators starting their online courses, it can be a very difficult and time-consuming task. But it's even more difficult to sell your courses like a hot cake. Most often creators end up shutting down their courses because no one is interested. However, if they plan on some strategies and learn a bit about how to market their products, they might succeed.

This is what I wanted to explain in this article. All strategies that are given here work well if you implement them in the right way and, most importantly, on time. I hope these tips on how to increase online course sales might help you. Don't forget to share and drop a comment if you have any doubts.


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