How Web Copy Can Skyrocket Your Marketing In 2021

How Web Copy Can Skyrocket Your Marketing
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Summary: This article describes the impact of every word when writing web copy for digital marketing. Moreover, we discuss the importance of individual pages, such as homepage, services page, landing pages, etc., and how you can use copywriting to enhance their effectiveness.

Words Matter In Digital Marketing

A website is the most crucial touchpoint in digital media. It is your digital fort that needs to be mighty and super effective. Therefore, every element of your web design needs to be on point from a marketing perspective if you want to improve your sales graph. Marketing is all about creating a need and then selling that need. Words play a crucial part in all the different stages of the marketing process. If we talk about digital marketing campaigns, website copy plays a vital role because without persuasive words you cannot convert potential prospects.

Copy is the building block of the marketing universe; no campaign can be conveyed without a brilliant message. Therefore, if you are a business that heavily relies on digital marketing, you have no other choice but to invest in website copy.

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Different Types Of Web Copy

A website is made of different pages, each serving a unique purpose. However, every page is crucial for your marketing because it builds your reputation in the digital world.


When people are shopping online, they make sure that the website is credible. Therefore, before purchasing anything, they check the website thoroughly. A homepage generally gives the overall idea about the entire website because it is a blueprint. If you have a poorly written homepage, chances are you will lose potential customers.

Users are usually diverted from other digital platforms directly to a homepage. Therefore, it should contain the essence of the brand.

About Us/Contact

The online world is full of scams that have made netizens skeptical. A webpage lacking details about the business is considered to be suspicious. A homepage is sufficient for most of the audience, but for some, it isn't. Truly said, once bitten twice shy. The About page should be detailed, covering all the aspects of the company.


There must be a thousand companies offering the same services and are just a click away. Why should a customer choose you over them? What is your Unique Selling Proposition?

Web copywriting is the art of convincing people that you are better than others, even if you aren't! More or less, online-based businesses sell the same products and services. It is not about what is being sold, instead, it's about how it is being sold.

The persuasion in your copy will decide how effective your marketing is. Add clarity to your service pages and sound convincing, or else someone else will steal the limelight.

Landing Page

Landing pages are specially designed for campaigns. Their sole purpose is to convert the maximum number of website visitors. Digital marketers leave no stone unturned, tailoring the entire campaign to bring a potential prospect to the landing page.

A landing page is a final destination where a marketer wants the target audience to be. The rest is up to the efficiency of the page. It can either convert a prospect or not. Well, here are some tips that you can incorporate in your web copy to turn your landing pages into lead generating machines:

  • Remember that uniqueness conquers! Convince potential customers that you have what they are looking for; seduce them with enticing offers.
  • Tell them about the benefits and not the features. Sell the sizzle and not the stake.
  • A magnetic Call-To-Action will help you seal the deal for sure.

Product Information

Most eCommerce websites copy and paste the product information from the pages of parent companies. We discourage such practices because not only is it unethical, but also it's lethal for search engine optimization. Google considers all such activities as plagiarism and downgrades a website's rank.

Moreover, web copy should always be relevant to your target audience. The information copied from the parent company’s page may be irrelevant. For example, descriptions of tech products are feature-based, turning them into benefits will do wonders for your marketing.


Having a blog is one of the most effective inbound marketing techniques; it allows you to attract the right audience to your website.

Millions of people turn toward the internet for possible solutions, and if you have a quality blog section that offers solutions related to your industry, then certainly you will generate some organic traffic. It will also help you improve your search engine ranking, as Google awards websites offering decent content.

Components Of Effective Web Copy

Flawless Grammar, Spelling, And Syntax

Like the truth separates good from evil; similarly, the difference between a credible and a shady business is grammatically accurate website copy. Online businesses are more about the quality of your presentation and less about product quality. Unlike conventional stores, you will be judged purely on how you present yourself.

Clearly Defined Benefits

Online businesses are more about the quality of your presentation and less about product quality. Unlike conventional stores, you will be judged purely on how you present yourself. Don't sell the mattress, sell a good night's sleep.

Intriguing Headlines

The greatest copywriter of the 20th century, David Ogilvy, said, "On average, five times as many people read the headline as read the body copy." Online attention span is very short, and most people skim through the entire content, only reading the headlines. Strong headlines, along with enticing offers, will help you achieve your campaign KPIs.

Strong CTAs

A campaign without a goal will never serve its true purpose. Robust Call-To-Actions are the hooks that fish out conversions. Keep them enticing, relevant, and concise, and you will surely see good results. Also, we advise copywriters to conduct A/B testing to check the effectiveness of CTA buttons.

Simple, Concise, And Relevant

There is a mindset that thinks using heavy jargon and technical language makes copy effective. In reality, it is not the case. Albert Einstein once said, "You don't understand yourself if you can’t explain it to a six-year-old."

People don't have time to solve riddles. They need instant solutions. If you use a language they don't understand, then who will buy your services? You are not a playwright; you are a copywriter. Write in the language of a common man. Simple copy sells better because the customers understand the message easily.

Marketing Benefits Of Website Copy

Attract The Right Audience

Your website copy doesn't need to have something for everyone, it needs to have everything for some people. You don’t need to attract people who are not going to buy your product, you only need to impress your potential prospects.

The only way you can achieve this goal is by tailoring your website copy around your target audience. This way, your campaign will generate more conversions. Copy that tries to impress everyone converts no one!

Improved Search Engine Optimization

Relevant, unique, and structured content is always ranked higher on the Google search engine. Moreover, intelligently using keywords in your website copy also improves your SEO.

As discussed earlier, a blog section with decent content helps improve a website's ranking. Gone are the days where only keyword stuffing was sufficient. Google is a platform where billions of people come for answers. If your website provides a solution to these problems, then automatically your website will rank better.

Trigger Action

Good design attracts but copy sells your product. The author of many books on advertising, Bruce Bendinger, says, "Copywriting is a job. A skilled craft. Verbal carpentry. Words on paper. Scripts to tie. And one more thing, salesmanship."

At first, the copy captures the reader's attention by telling a story that resonates, and then entertains him and convinces him to buy the product. Good copy is like a digital salesman, only more persuasive.

Be Powerful And Unique

There is a thing with copywriting, it makes your brand unforgettable. We live in a world where businesses use a constantly hammering approach by spamming us with generic messages. These messages are annoying and do exactly the opposite of what they are supposed to do.

However, a creatively tailored message will leave everlasting impressions. It is possible that the message can fade out, but the reputation of the brand remains intact.

Turn Products Into A Need

Website copy has the power to shape perceptions. As discussed earlier, marketing is all about creating a need and then fulfilling it via your offerings. Copywriting can achieve both feats for you!

It is up to you, either sell a detergent that removes stains or a detergent that makes you shine in a crowd of millions. The choice is yours. With creative words and a pinch of story building, you can go anywhere!

Wrapping Up

We can go on forever describing the countless benefits of website copy in digital marketing. If your website is your digital salesman, then web copy is its voice! Customers won’t buy from you if the voice lacks charm and persuasiveness. Businesses design their entire websites and then write copy according to the layout. It is the opposite of doing things the right way if you want your digital marketing efforts to skyrocket!

In the end, I would recommend never seeing your copy as words, but imagine it as a message that has the power to shape perception; this is the only way you can write a copy that promises high ROI.

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