Leading SEO Trends Of 2020

SEO Trends You Need To Now In 2020

The tendency to grow equality and volume of traffic for those websites via organic search engine results is known as SEO optimization. SEO service companies are in tremendous demand throughout the world. So, it is important to find out the SEO trends that are leading the market in 2020. Now, let us help you with a few essential SEO trends of 2020.

11 SEO Trends

1. User-Focused Optimization

An SEO services company needs to integrate SEO into a holistic marketing strategy. This marketing strategy is gradually becoming a leading SEO trend.

2. Blockchains

Multiple SEO packages are integrated with blockchains. Webmasters integrate blockchains with their websites at a nominal price. Blockchain technology has recently attained popularity for offering the utmost security. So, webmasters have ample chances to obtain security from it. Blockchain technology is used in SEO for validating backlinks.

3. Influencer Marketing

An influencer is an integral part of SEO marketing campaigns. Many SEO service companies collaborate with influencers for an impressive marketing strategy. Collaborating with influencers as part of marketing strategy is a leading SEO trend in 2020

4. Detailed Content

Detailed and in-depth content attracts more traffic. Detailed content is informative by nature. So, content-rich information attracts the knowledge-seeking crowd. A popular SEO trend of 2020 is to incorporate complex and in-depth content matters.

5. Protecting User Data

General Data Protection Regulation came as a blessing to the security-conscious crowd. The 21st-century net-savvy population is cautious about security. Their caution is not baseless as cybercrime is a rising trend. Nowadays, legally speaking, a user is within the rights to control private information. Multiple third-party sites try to hack into popular sites and take control of users' data. Yes, protecting user data has emerged as a strong SEO trend.

6. Mobile-First Index

A website that has a mobile version has a higher SEO ranking. Google initiated mobile-first indexing in the year 2018. It implies that a website may have two versions-a desktop version and a mobile version. Having a mobile-first index is a leading SEO trend of 2020. A website optimized for mobile has the option of mobile view ranked as first by default.

7. Voice Search Domination

As the popularity of mobiles is on the rise, customers are on the verge of bidding adieu to typing. The moment customers need to search for information, they use the voice search option. Almost all the SEO search companies are utilizing this feature. The content has to be optimized for voice search. This predominance of voice search is an SEO trend belonging to 2020. The verbal responses are simple enough to be understood by ninth graders. They don’t need repetition.

8. Using More Long-Tail Keywords

A focus on long-tail keywords is compatible with optimization for voice search. A streamlined as well as the careful choice of long-tail keywords inform Google about the importance of content. Long-tail keywords help people look for relevant content. Using more long-tail keywords is an important SEO trend of 2020.

9. Use SEO-Ready Imagery

Random stock photos are not relevant for SEO content. So, using SEO-ready imagery is a leading SEO imagery trend of 2020. In SEO pages, an image compressing tool is used to reduce the size of images. Smaller images load faster. Relevant images need to be used alongside content to make the entire page SEO-ready.

10. Update Interactive Content

Brands that use interactive content on their website have an edge over their rivals. Anything that allows people to take action, such as online quizzes and games, counts as interactive content.

11. Video Optimization

The auto-complete feature of YouTube enables people to find relevant keywords for video optimization. Video optimization drives more traffic for a website. So, incorporating video-optimized pages is a leading SEO trend of 2020.


In a nutshell, most of the SEO services in India and independent SEO experts use the trends discussed here to generate more traffic. Reviews prove that these trends are of intense value for companies for increasing revenue. So what are you waiting for?

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