Link Building Tips For Start-Up Companies
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Improving The Digital Presence Of Your Start-Up With Link Building

Starting your own business is one of the best things to do in life. However, being your own boss does come at a cost. There are a lot of operations that you need to take care of. Apart from that, if you want your business to run, then marketing is the key source. A lot of entrepreneurs are turning to digital marketing nowadays. It offers the maximum Return On Investment in these competitive times.

You will have to build your digital presence, and SEO is the best way to move forward. However, SEO is a vast subject and there are a lot of areas to focus on. Although, the best one is link building.

Introduction To Link Building

For the uninitiated, every site that links back to your own website or blog is called link building. This complete exercise gives search engines, like Google, proof that your website is authoritative. Based on that, the rank of your website is decided.

Normally, this concept is included in Search Engine Optimization courses. If you wish to study in detail, then you can always look for a prestigious digital marketing institute. However, this article specifically includes the various strategies that start-ups or small businesses can use to earn links for their business.

Top 5 Ways To Earn Links For Your Start-Up

1. A Strategic Mindset Will Take You A Long Way

You should always think about the linking destination and the link text that you will use while linking content back to your site. The whole idea here is to choose an angle or a piece of content that you already have on your website.

The angle of your piece will help you pitch to the websites for link building. The websites that encourage guest posts are not looking for advertisements, affiliates, or clients. Instead, they are looking to provide high-quality content to their audiences. This simply means that if you are writing about “10 Digital Marketing Courses for Business Owners,” then you must find websites that have readers who are interested in such a piece.

At the same time, you should be someone who is offering digital marketing courses or is a digital marketing influencer. Thus, when your website or blog gets linked, you might get readers of the same interest.

It is a strategic plan that will help start-ups. When you are starting out, it is really important to bring in the audience that is relevant to your business. Only then, will your efforts will pay off.

2. Focus On Originality

No website will accept your content as a guest post if it is plagiarized. Thus, it is important to create content that is original. As a start-up, it might seem expensive to hire a content writer for the same. Although, it is important to invest in the same if you cannot create the content yourself.

There are various other ways of developing linkable content. However, content that is developed from an original idea and authentic research always works the best. It is a good idea to create content based on your own knowledge and experiences. In that way, you can always create readable and valuable content.

An original piece of content always earns more links. As a start-up, if you do that, then you can attract a lot of loyal readers back to your website or blog. Try to create content where, if a website wants to cite information to your research, they literally have to link you only.

If that is not possible, then try to secure an interview with a well-known source from your industry for your blog. Other websites might want to link those quotes and thus, they will have to link back to you.

3. Contact The Right Kind Of People

If you want your start-up to grow, then networking is the answer for you. Link building requires content. However, once you are ready with the content, you need sources that can backlink to your site. Hence, it is important to create the right kind of potential sources, which can divert the necessary traffic back to your website.

Hence, for this exercise, you need to start by contacting the right person. You cannot send an email to the CEO of a large company. It will actually end up in the trash. Instead, you need to find the person who is in charge of the content and publishing. Although, most sites that accept guest articles have a special mail ID mentioned already.

You can offer them the right kind of content in return for a backlink. It might happen that you get turned down several times in the beginning, but try to refine your approach every time.

4. Research The Website You Are Pitching

Try to check things before pitching a proposal to any site. The basic is checking their traffic and authority. Once that is done, check if the readers or websites require the content that you are creating. Try understanding the content on the website and read the visitors' comments.

Create content based on that. The content that you are creating might be relatable but you need it to be relevant as well.

5. Do Not Neglect Your Brand

As a start-up, there are a lot of things to do and thus, most entrepreneurs fail to give weightage to their branding. Sometimes it is also because of constrained finances. You cannot get caught up in link building alone. You must understand that your primary focus is to build products or give quality services.

You must understand that link building helps with growing a brand. However, it is not going to work if there is no brand to begin with. Thus, it is important to give enough time to creating and refurbishing your products and services.


These are some of the tips that you can work on to build your links as a start-up. However, it is always a good idea to hire an expert who has enrolled himself in a digital marketing course. If you are looking to do things on your own, then you must enroll in a Search Engine Optimization course. You will get a better hang of the overall subject, and you will be able to apply the concepts to increase your business drastically.

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