5 Steps To Create A Quality Email List
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Simple Tips To Increase Your Email List

If you are already in the online business and doing email marketing, then you must know the basics. But for those who do not know about it, let me guide you with 5 steps to create a quality email list. Email marketing is the best way to grow your connections and turn traffic into customers. By using this marketing process, you can bring approximately a 4.3% Return On Investment if correctly executed.

Here are 4 reasons why maintaining a good email list can help you in lead generation:

  1. To change cold leads into warm leads all you need to do is add them to a customized email chain.
  2. A customized email with engaging visuals and attractive offers can turn leads into customers.
  3.  There are chances to grow engagement with leads as 91% of people are likely to use email every day.
  4. Email marketing is inexpensive and such ways to market products and services are always welcomed.

Follow the following 5 tips to increase your email list.

1. Create An Attractive Popup On Your Website To Capture Leads

The popup on your website can help you highlight your offers. Popups can help you collect email IDs so that you can reach them immediately for further conversation. You can use a popup whenever you get a new visitor. Make sure that you make popups look attractive and highlight some of the offers. A signup form is a subtle approach that has proven results. You can easily put important information in front of visitors like "promotion ends in 4 days"; "sign up to get discounts"; "sign up to receive gifts"; or "sign up to receive free shipping."

Here are the names of a few useful tools for popup creation: Optin monster, SumoMe, WordPress PopUp, and ScreenPopper.

2. Collect Email IDs Through Online Support Chats

Online support chats are a great way to collect relevant email IDs by communicating with the visitors present on your website. Responding quickly is a really good way to capture more leads. With an online chat option present on your website, you can ask visitors about what services exactly they are looking for and also learn about their mentality. Having an online chat support system on a website is a great way to enhance your email list.

Honestly speaking, no one wants to send a message to the support email and wait for 48 hours. If you reply to the potential lead 48 hours later, they must have completely forgotten about these services or have moved on to a competitor with a faster response. Live chat is a proven tool for smooth customer service and solves objections immediately. Not only that, you can instantly communicate, understand what the lead is looking for, and offer solutions immediately. In between your communication, you can ask for the email ID so that you can communicate further. Setting up an online chat system is painless and quick, you can get it installed on your website in less than 5 minutes.

Top live chat platforms are Intercom, Drift, Influx, Autopilot, Tidio.

3.  Using An Autoresponder

As an online marketer, it should not take time for you to realize the power of an autoresponder. If you are a modern online marketer, then you must start working smarter, not harder. The autoresponder will quickly become your best email campaign marketing friend. There are various types of autoresponders, you can set an auto-responding message whenever a person registers for your online shop. Or in case you have a service website, you can inform the visitor about the services you offer and the discounts you are offering.

An autoresponder provides you with the ability to immediately communicate with the person. When a new person signs up for your email list, your autoresponder immediately wastes no time contacting them with a response email. An autoresponder is almost like an immediate follow-up message, protecting you from the dangers of forgetfulness.

GetResponse, Moosend, Aweber, Klaviyo, Mailchimp, ConvertKit, Autopilot, Constant Contact, and Omnisend are some of the best autoresponder software.

4.  Use Freebies To Get People To Register 

Offer customers freebies, like free brochures, checklists, cheatsheets, downloads, best practices, in order to get them to register on your website. For example, if you are in the digital marketing business and you have a lead interested in SEO, then you can use a popup on your service page that says, "register on our website to receive a free brochure on our SEO service," or you can send them a copy of 20 checklists on how to rank their website on the first page of Google within 3 months. Freebies not only add value to your company but also make customers interested in what you do.

Possible freebies that you can use in your email marketing are:

  • Buy one get one free
  • Free brochure download
  • A one-month free trial
  • Sign up for the basic plan for free
  • Free samples to start your business

5. Offer Valuable eBooks With Tips And Tricks

There is no age and time for learning, and in this tech-savvy world you must always keep on enhancing your knowledge. Therefore, offering eBooks and resources to your target audience will make them register and follow your brand. They will sign up on your website to receive notifications about the latest blogs or guidelines. Also, you can offer the eBooks for the value of money. eBooks are also a great measure to increase your company capital. Creating a quality eBook loaded with valuable advice that the learners can implement is a powerful step toward giving you an edge over your competitors. eBooks are a wonderful way of helping a large number of people—turn cold leads into warm leads and finally into loyal customers.

Here are a few eBook ideas to start with:

  • How to use…
  • The step-by-step guide to…
  • ... days to get more... (30 days to get more traffic)
  • Things you need to know more about…
  • Top 10 must-have tools...

Wrap Up

People need an incentive to hand out their email address to someone unknown to them. One such incentive is to offer freebies, testimonials, discounts for potential signups. Understand that to get traffic for your website and convert leads into customers you have to get a popup and autoresponder service ready. But before that, get your freebie content created.

You will have to be creative to nurture your leads through email marketing. Quality content is what keeps people on your email list long term. Remember, you are going to have a return on your investment through the orders you receive. Therefore, fight for ideas to boost your email marketing list and turn your cold leads into warm leads.

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