Help Your Business Rank Higher With SEO Strategies

Help Your Business Rank Higher With SEO Strategies

SEO helps in boosting a website’s rank on the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) and hence ensures that your targeted audience can reach you. To have a proper SEO strategy in place, you should hire the services of an SEO company as it requires a considerable investment of time, energy, resources, tools and expertise to ensure good and long-lasting results. Here are 7 vital steps that a small business should take to rank higher and make its website noticeable.

1. Choose The Right Domain Name

The domain name is the key element for every website. It is important to choose a unique domain name that works for your small business. If you are new to the virtual world, start by choosing the domain name. This plays a significant role in the ranking factors. The name should be relevant to your business and easy to remember. A SEO'ed domain name will outrightly reflect what the website is about and what products and services it offers. The domain name that meets all these aspects stands out in the crowd of search result listings and is more likely to be clicked.

2. Create And Upload Quality Content

SEO in India is still ruled by content—both textual and visual. Of late, the visual content, including various formats of videos, has emerged as a better engaging medium. The content that you upload should be high-quality, well-researched and cited, keyword-focused and should offer value to the visitors. To provide relevant content, you need to have a better understanding of the interests and challenges of your targeted audience. To get deeper insights into their preferences and interests, it’s important to audit and monitor your website and use tools to gather data to improve User Experience. Make sure to publish high-quality content on your site or blog to target your audience and drive traffic. You should also include focus keywords in your content to increase its visibility.

3. Use Local Citations And Directories

Small businesses often focus more on local customers, and local citations are a major ranking factor for them. A citation is an online listing where you provide all the relevant information like website URL, contact number, address, nearest landmark, ratings and reviews, brand logo and service hours. You should also try to expand the online reference to your business by registering in various online directories. These things help in making your website appear for relevant search queries.

4. Focus On Long-Tail Queries

Being a small business, it’s very difficult to rank in Google’s top results pages. This is because there is fierce competition from big players having huge marketing budgets. Instead of fighting an unfruitful war, change your strategy. Your aim should be to connect better with customers, and any good SEO company in India knows exactly how to achieve it. They will use long-tail search terms rather than head keywords, fighting for top organic listings. By using these long-tail keywords in your content, you can generate more qualified traffic to your website.

5. Optimize Metadata

Metadata is information about a webpage or a website that appears within the header. This information helps the user have an understanding of you. You should use this opportunity to engage and persuade them to reach out to you by optimizing this metadata by using right and actionable key phrases. The metadata section should contain three types of information. These are the title of your specific page, an apt description of what the page is all about for both the Google search spiders and the searchers, and the use of the right key phrases. These key phrases should be relevant and helpful and should also reflect in the title tag. You need to create unique title tags for each web page on your website; don’t use the duplicate title tag for every page or you may be inaccurately describing your page and missing out on keyword opportunities. Make sure to include relevant keywords in your meta description tag.

6. Build Relevant And Organic Links

The order of importance of the links to your website is a core component of the Google search algorithm. Thus, building high-quality, relevant links is very important to get noticed by Google. Link building is not simple and Google looks for various technicalities like the IP-diversity of the links, the placement of a link on the page, and the link velocity. If you try out black-hat link building techniques, you are sure to get caught sooner or later. So, always focus on building organic links and stay away from spam, paid links or irrelevant links.

7. Have A Mobile-Friendly Page

The mobile penetration has gone really deep, with nearly 4 billion mobile users globally. People love to surf and browse on their smartphones rather than using a PC. In such a scenario, having a responsive or mobile-friendly website is an intelligent move. A responsive website responds to the size of the browser, while a mobile-friendly site is designed specifically for smaller screens. For small businesses, it might be expensive to design responsively and hence a mobile-friendly website is a better choice for them. It also customizes a unique experience for mobile users by providing them with high-quality User Experience, better performance, and seamless transactions.

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