5 Best Ways To Increase Brand Awareness On Social Media

How To Increase Brand Awareness On Social Media
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Summary: Social media is one of the best marketing channels for any business. A business can use social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to increase the brand awareness of their business.

Social Media Brand Awareness Guide

Social media is one of the most integral parts of your digital marketing strategies. You simply cannot afford to overlook the need and importance of marketing your offerings on social media. As per research, over 50% of the total world population [1] uses either of the social media platforms available. Social media is of the utmost importance when it comes to enhancing brand awareness and engaging the probable customer base with your offerings in the most creative manner.

A study shows that around 71% of consumers [2] who got a positive brand experience on social media platforms are likely to recommend that particular brand to their near and dear ones. Hence, if you want to boost your brand awareness, then leveraging the power of social media is a must.

If you are a brand willing to enhance your awareness, then this article is for you. Here are 5 ways you can make the most of social media to increase brand awareness.

1. Leverage The Power Of Visual Content 

You should focus more on creating unique and exciting visual content because the audience tends to engage more with the visual content. People usually share content on social media with excellent visual appeals instead of a post that contains only text.

As per a survey by Buzzsumo, posts on Facebook with images get 2.3 times more engagement than those which don't.

Here are a few ways that can help you create gorgeous, impactful, and engaging posts for your social media profiles:

  • Use free tools and resources to create visually appealing content
  • Keep the dimensions of each social media profile in mind and design your creatives accordingly
  • Take the image copyrights seriously
  • Keep your text easily readable
  • Be careful while placing your logo
  • Include alt-text in descriptions

2. Understand The Difference Between The Tones On Different Platforms 

Not all social media handles entertain the same type and tone of the content. If you want to increase your brand awareness, you have to create and post content according to their audience types.

For instance, Instagram is primarily used by teenagers or young adults. If you have a fashion brand that produces gorgeous designer outfits for females aged between 21-28 years, Instagram is probably the best platform.

Around 71% of the billion monthly users on Instagram are under the age of 35. Similarly, if you have a certification course to be sold, you will have to target your audience on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

Here are some tones as per the different social media platforms you can use to create and market content for brand awareness:

  • Facebook: lite-hearted, humorous, deep, intense, thrilling, and passionate
  • Instagram: creative, crisp, humorous, emotional, and bold
  • Twitter: witty, bold, sarcastic, and crisp
  • LinkedIn: professional, direct, clear, and crisp

3. Consistent Branding Across All The Primary Social Media Handles Of Your Brand 

You don't just have to create content and post it on all the social media platforms once. In fact, you have to frame a branding style, strategy, and posting calendar to abide by in order to witness some fantastic results.

Whenever you are deciding upon your branding style, consider the colors of your website to create the visual content. It will build consistency and will induce an unintended brand recall after a period of time. In addition to that, never use different logos and change your logos' positioning in every design you make. Moreover, in order to market your content on various social media platforms, don't forget to update the content on your website. Being consistent in posting content evenly on all your media will multiply the results.

Furthermore, timing also plays a vital role when it comes to posting content on social media. Specific days and hours need to be considered while posting on different social media platforms. Here are a few days and timings that you must watch out for when scheduling your posts on different social media handles:

  • Facebook: Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday between 9 to 12 pm
  • Twitter: Monday or Thursday in between 11 am to 1 pm
  • Instagram: Wednesday – 11 am and Friday – 10 am to 11 am
  • LinkedIn: Wednesday – 9 am

4. Make Use Of Hashtags

From the point of view of a content consumer, hashtags basically allow them to find relevant pages, posts, and places in accordance with their area of interest. From a brand's point of view, using hashtags can help you increase your posts' reach and allow more and more people to connect with them.

Here are a few tricks that will help you maximize the efficiency of the hashtags you will use:

  • Keep your hashtags relevant and straightforward
  • Leverage the power of trending keywords from your respective industry
  • Find relevant and trending keywords from hashtags.org, hashtagify, or ritetag
  • Use hashtags on several social media platforms
  • Please don't overdo it
  • Be unique and specific

As per research, brands can increase up to 50% of engagement on social media platforms using relevant hashtags.

5. Take Your Feedback Seriously And Frame Strategies Accordingly 

Pay close and undivided attention to the comments on your posts on several social media posts. This will help you evaluate what type of content is performing well, is liked or disliked by certain segments of the society, and is being shared. If you have real-time access to such information, framing competitive content marketing strategies will become a cakewalk for you. In addition to that, your audience will also feel valued.


Advertising your brand on social media platforms is not easy. But, if you follow the ways mentioned above and do your research thoroughly, you will be able to maximize the output in the form of an increase in brand awareness and your ultimate conversions. Closely monitoring your brand's KPIs (likes, shares, and comments) on your social media handles will also help you identify the loopholes and make the required adjustments and alterations.


[1]  Number of social network users worldwide from 2017 to 2025


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