Digital Content Marketing Strategy For eLearning Marketers: An Essential Guide

by eLearning Industry

Content Marketing serves the purpose of improving conversions using a very strategic approach. Taking (potential) leads and customers and genuinely connecting with them and supplying them with real value. This eBook delves into an excellent method to start building long-lasting relationships by establishing trust. At the same time having conversions skyrocket by giving users the information they need to make an informed purchasing decision.

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Key Chapters

  1. What is Content Marketing Strategy and how to Leverage it as eLearning Company

  2. The Power of Thought Leadership in the eLearning industry

  3. Developing your Content Marketing Plan: What to Consider as eLearning Marketer

  4. Using Content to Walk Prospects Through the Content Marketing Funnel: Guide for eLearning Companies

  5. How to make a Competition Analysis in the eLearning Niche

  6. Creating an Effective Editorial Calendar: 4 Steps eLearning Marketers Should Follow

  7. The Who, What, and How Behind Successful Content Marketing Strategy Every eLearning Marketer Should Know

  8. Tailoring Your Content to the Right Audience of eLearning Niche

  9. How eLearning Companies can combine SEO and Content Marketing for better Performance

  10. Maximizing the Value of Keyword Research (Complete Guide for eLearning Marketers)

  11. 5 Content Marketing Tips that will Help your Content Rank and Drive Qualified Traffic

  12. Distributing and Maximizing Your Content Marketing Efforts as eLearning Marketer

  13. 5 Secrets for Generating Fresh Content to Engage with eLearning Audience

A buyer persona is a representation of your ideal — and realistic — customer. Comprehensive personas include research on factors like demographics, behavior patterns, and goals to create a clear picture of who might buy a product or service. By creating buyer personas, marketers can focus on audiences that are likely to prove fruitful while helping their organizations pursue a common goal.

It's any marketer's dream to connect with their audience, get them to really like the content and to share it organically. There is lots of content which describes the essential steps of a Content Marketing methodology out there, but none is tailored to the eLearning field as accurately as this eBook is.

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Christopher Pappas
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