How To Create And Market An eBook For B2B Lead Generation

How To Create And Market An eBook For B2B Lead Generation

Date September 23 2019
Duration 60 Minutes
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How To Create And Market An eBook For B2B Lead Generation
Speaker Brittni Kinney Ratliff & Jon Graves
Brittni Kinney Ratliff Brittni is a VP at Influence & Co. and specializes in high-level strategy development. Her expertise is in helping marketing and business leaders identify the perfect content tactics that will help them achieve their goals. She loves to travel and enjoys a strong coffee … and an even stronger whiskey. Jon Graves Jon has a flare in commercial management and years of expertise in high-tech, martech, and inbound marketing strategies. As the VP of Sales at eLearning Industry, he consults eLearning brands on how to optimize their content marketing strategies and boost their inbound sales revenue.
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How To Create And Market An eBook For B2B Lead Generation

As a B2B company, in order to be successful and gain revenue, you have to generate targeted leads. You may find plenty of tips on how to do that online, but you'll need a solid lead generation strategy to reach your goals. In this webinar you will learn why the creation of an eBook is a proven way to get the prospect leads you need. All you have to do is target the right audience in the eLearning niche.

Using an attractive eBook as a lead magnet in your marketing strategy is one of the best ways to make your eLearning business boom. To accomplish this, your eLearning eBook needs to be appealing and must include relevant content for your target audience.

Remember, the purpose of your eBook should be to provide valuable content to your prospects. Make sure you do this in a format that is optimized for online use. The key here is to focus on quality content based on SEO keywords to achieve maximum lead generation success.

Wondering how you can make all this happen? In this free webinar about B2B Lead Generation via eBooks, you will discover our secret formula on how to create an unstoppable marketing and sales machine for your eLearning company!

In this session you will learn:

- Why an eBook is an unstoppable lead magnet for eLearning businesses
- How to identify your target audience and buyer personas
- Inbound marketing and content marketing tips for B2B lead generation
- Lead generation best practices for eLearning companies
- How to choose the right topic for your eBook
- The essential elements of a well-designed eLearning eBook
- All there is to know about lead nurturing for eLearning
- Which are the top channels to promote your eBook in the eLearning Industry
- What steps eLearning marketers should take to improve B2B Lead Generation ROI
- How to increase ROI by re-purposing your eBook in order to get more prospect leads

Creating a B2B eBook is a go-to solution for eLearning marketers. When done correctly, an eBook is an awesome lead generation tool. Ditch the sales pitch and opt to offer valuable content to your prospects. Find out how in this free webinar!
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