Co-branded eBooks

Co-branded eBooks

Associate your brand with eLearning Industry as we partner up to create a custom-tailored eBook!


The Co-Branded eBook Includes

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Our subject matter experts will write and design a 6,000-8,000 word eBook to highlight your area of expertise and your solution’s key selling points, then publish it as an exclusive gated access on eLI.


Our co-branded eBook is a highly-effective way to generate and qualify leads through the promotion of a gated original asset on eLearning Industry.


Our founder Christopher Pappas will create an eBook launch announcement. In addition, our content marketing experts will create a series of SEO-optimized articles by repurposing your eBook’s content, publishing them under your author’s name, driving more traffic to your eBook’s landing page.


Our marketing team will execute a complete promotional campaign using social media and email marketing to ensure that you will reach the maximum number of leads.

Leads Access And Insights

Access lead details anytime during your eBook campaign and get targeted user info, including business email, job title and company name.

How Many Leads To Expect
This is highly dependent on the topic you select, as well as the number of fields you choose to include in the eBook registration form.

Fewer form fields tend to increase conversion rates.

350–540 Co-Branded eBook downloads.

Campaign Length

Your campaign will start counting directly after the Co-Branded eBook publication. It’s valid for 6 months.

How It Works


Book a 1-hour “discovery call” with our Client Success Manager in order to help us understand your business needs and objectives. You will also complete an eBook Insights Form to provide additional information about desired topics and your target audience.


Get a complete eBook Blueprint (outline), including up to eight (8) chapter titles optimized according to SEO best practices, based on the most valuable topics and keywords. (Expected wait time: 2 weeks).


Approve the eBook Blueprint that we provide.


Our subject matter experts will write and design a 6,000-8,000 word eBook to highlight your expertise and your solution’s key selling points. We will send it to you for a final review prior to publication.


We will host your eBook on a specific landing page to help it collect leads.


We will publish the chapters of your eBook as independent articles on eLearning Industry, including links that direct readers back to your eBook’s landing page.


We produce an intro article that will highlight the benefits of your eBook, signed by our founder, Christopher Pappas.


We will start a complete promotional campaign through our social media channels, newsletters, and thank-you pages.


You can access your leads’ data anytime, as long as your eBook campaign on eLearning Industry is active through your Dashboard on the eLearning Industry platform.


Book your Co-Branded eBook today and start seeing results.

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